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Feb 27 2023
Superstud Of The 20th Century + Musk Defends Blatant Racism + DeSantis Bans Gender Studies + Woody Harrelson Goes Anti-Vaxer On SNL + MORE! — 12-PACK Comments (0)

ABOVE: The late Elizabeth Taylor was born 91 years ago today. Kim Novak is still with us at 90.

BELOW: Keep reading for dead meat, why DeSantis is as evil as Trump, why Musk is more evil than both and more ...

VAN-WILLIAMS-shirtless-hot-boycultureSo much to look at. (Images via video stills & handout)

INSTAGRAM (FOLLOW HERE!): Ultimate beefcake Van Williams was born on this day.

Jinkx-monsoon-chicago-boycultureCHICAGO THE MUSICAL: Jinkx Monsoon's stint as Mama Morton in Broadway's Chicago has been extended — for 14 performances only.

THE HILL: Let's retire Sen. Kyrsten Sinema (D-Arizona), who I expected to turn Republican and flip the Senate for shits and giggles someday.

CNN: At this point, if you're making excuses for Elon Musk, you're a racist, too. Why? Well, the South African billionaire, who has frequently IDed as African American, has — with no need to do so — provided cover for Scott Adams. Adams, the creator of the Dilbert strip, is a rancid right-wing racist, so much so that his latest comments were that white people should avoid ALL Black people, who are a “hate group.” (All because of an intentionally muck-stirring poll that claimed a quarter of Black people are anti-white.) Musk defended this, saying the media is “racist” against white people. (Jesus Christ, the world sucks. I give up. Get that guillotine out of storage.)

Dilbert has been chucked from just about everywhere in light of its creator's abhorrent, 1800s-ready views.

THE INFORMATION: Elon Musk fires loyal top lieutenant as Twitter continues to hemorrhage cash.

FLGOV: Gov. Ron DeSantis (R-Florida) is banning women's and gender studies at Florida state colleges. So much for freedom.

MSN: DeSantis, in a new book, claims ex-Disney CEO Bob Chapek bitched and moaned about pressure to condemn Don't Say Gay.

WAPO: Woody Harrelson, a lefty loon, used his very poorly written and delivered SNL monologue to push an anti-vaxxer COVID-19 conspiracy theory, making it his second-worst work on TV, after Will & Grace. (Again — world, sucks.)

OMG.BLOG!: Omar Apollo talks threesomes.

GMA: New Easter Island statue unearthed!

INSTAGRAM: Grant Show kissing a dude — I missed this show.

EXTRATV: A pleasant surprise at the SAGs as Everything Everywhere All at Once swept many top categories, putting it on a collision course to win the Oscar. This was not a film I embraced I'm not well-metaversed) personally, but I did admire it, found the performances amazing and I think if you're going to award Best Picture, it should always be to something that is not only good but pushes things forward.

Favorite parts of the show were Sally Field's epic Life Achievement Award speech, Niecy Nash raving about Lola Falana, the Abbott Elementary cast's opening skit, Jennifer Coolidge's surprisingly emotional speech and the insanely satisfying, never-ending speech given by James Hong when EEAAO won Outstanding Performance by an Ensemble in a Movie. I also dug Jamie Lee Curtis embracing “nepo baby,” hauling out her perfect cleavage and reminiscing about ... Operation Petticoat!

How fitting that Mark Wahlberg (ugh, he presented the ultimate award?!) was forced to hand the top honor to an Asian-saturated production. He's more used to beating them up than celebrating them.