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Feb 20 2023
Minor Leaguer's Major Announcement: He's Out! + Biden To Ukraine + MTG Calls For Civil War 2 + KJ Apa For VMAN + MORE! — 12-PACK Comments (0)

ABOVE: I'm surprised Andrew Shue is the most famous cuckold at the moment. He seems the ideal man.

BELOW: Keep reading for a baseball playing coming out, Marj calling for a second civil war, Biden in Ukraine and more ...

Gay-boyculture-Anderson_ComasHe's out! (Image via selfie)

NYT: White Sox minor leaguer Anderson Comás comes out as gay.

HUFF POST: Biden pulls off surprise trip to Kyiv.

TWITTER: Woman sets fire to Pride flag in NYC in the middle of the night, an act that could easily have led to loss of businesses or life. Gets caught on cam. Hope it was worth it, bitch.

RADAR ONLINE: Every goddamn celebrity on that bogus Jeffrey Epstein flight-log list needs to sue the fuck out of everyone who shares that list. It is insane how many people totally believe Tom Hanks, Oprah, etc., were on Epstein's so-called Pedo Island. Those lists are blatantly fake. In this case, a YouTube called Vincent Briatore posted that Jim Carrey was on the island without vetting the story at all. Now, Carrey has sent a cease-and-desist letter — and Briatore STILL won't remove it. Remarkably, he considers Carrey sticking up for himself to be bullying.

Greene-civil-war-boyculture(Image via Twitter)

TWITTER: Happy Presidents' Day! Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-Georgia) is calling for another civil war. She's one of the most powerful voices in the House, and Speaker McCarthy recently said of her:

I will never leave that woman.

GR8ERDAYS: Full obit for the late Richard Belzer, who died in France at 78. Not a bad life for a guy who started stand-up late, became an icon and wound up playing, very effectively, himself or version of himself for over 40 years. He must hold some kind of record for playing the same character (Munch) on the most number of TV episodes — literally hundreds on Homicide: Life on the Street and Law & Order: SVU. Plus, he was a lovable loud-mouth.

Kj-apa-v-man-boycultureBlack-tie one on with KJ! (Image by Nathaniel Goldberg for VMan)

VMAN: KJ Apa is one of the people covering the 50th (!) issue of VMan.

TWITTER: Yes, Joe Rogan, Elon Musk IS a far-right winger:

YOUTUBE: Accused is a new crime series on FOX, and it turns out Billy Porter directs the February 21 episode. Robyn Banks's performance on the episode:

TWITTER: Madonna jokes about her face-lift swelling going down to troll those who hated on those distorted images from the Grammys:

Madonna's had surgery and uses fillers, and that Grammys look was harsh, but so was the lighting and so was the one shot that went EVERYWHERE that exaggerated everything. This image, which is retouched, is closer to what she looks like. The eyebrows are helping already.

TWITTER: Far-right douche bro James O'Keefe III has officially resigned from Project Veritas. He is under investigation by the FBI and is also being investigated for potentially cruel workplace behavior.

YAHOO! LIFE: Andy Cohen feels “surprisingly lonely” as the only single, gay parent at his son's school.

PHILIPPINE DAILY INQUIRER: Q. Allan Brocka, my co-writer on Boy Culture: The Series (four years later, we're about to sign a deal) and the director of that long-awaited work, was recently in the Philippines as he preps his next movie: Love and Lockdown. It sounds amazing:

In Love and Lockdown, a Canadian trans man reluctantly returns to the Philippines with his British-Indian girlfriend for a quick trip to correct his passport. The COVID-19 lockdown traps them in the small village where he was born, meaning he must confront his family, his past, his relationship — and himself.