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Feb 22 2023
Paul Mescal & Jeremy Strong Flash Leg + Dylan Mulvaney Celebrates + George Election Interference Foreperson Is ... Interesting + MORE! — 12-PACK Comments (0)

ABOVE: One of the best showbiz books EVER. Buy it here.

BELOW: Covers to make you uncover and touch yourself, another person with HIV cured, Dylan Mulvaney celevbrates and more ...

Paul-mescal-THR-boycultureDad/Aftersun (Image via THR)

THR: Paul Mescal talks to Seth Abramovitch about his bubble. I mean, being on the bubble as an Oscar-nominee possible, then actually hearing his name called.

Gq-jeremy-strong-boycultureI would like to see a Succession of more revealing photos. (Image via GQ)

GQ: Speaking of mag covers, Jeremy Strong's thighs did the thing for GQ. From the profile of this controversial actor:

We come upon a wide-open pasture dotted with sheep. Strong exhales as he takes in the view. Calm sweeps across his face. “I mean, it's kind of like ... fuck Brooklyn.” A goose honks in the distance. “Should we follow that sound?”

CBS NEWS: A fifth person has been cured of HIV via stem-cell transplant.

GOTHAMIST: Angelina Cando is allegedly the idge who set fire to a Pride flag on an NYC business. She could have destroyed buildings and people, all because a rainbow flag sets her off. The same night, it is suspected she scrawled JESUS IS KING on two cop cars.

Dylan-mulvaney-trans-boycultureClearly, she enjoys being a girl. (Image by Avery Brunkus)

365 DAYS OF GIRLHOOD: Dylan Mulvaney is making the right's heads explode, and will continue to do so with a one-night-only gig at the Rainbow Room in NYC, where she will celebrate one year of living as a girl.

TMZ: Though what Don Lemon was doing was pointing out Nikki Haley's hypocrisy, and he clearly doesn't believe women are done at 40, he has been given a final warning by CNN. Just imagine all the poisonous stuff said by other commentators on purpose. And they skate. On the other hand, quite annoying he handed Haley something to run on. It won't help her that much, since the GOP hates women anyway.

NBC NEWS: A pilot thought the co-pilot he enlisted for a flight was joshin' around when his head slumped over after takeoff. It wasn't until landing that he realized the guy, who had a long history of heart issues, had died on him.

TWITTER: In April, Wisconsin will decide between a progressive woman and a regressive man for their Supreme Court, with abortion rights hanging in the balance. Considering the blue wave of late, I think we got this:

YOUTUBE: It sounds like there really will be indictments in Georgia over election interference, but man alive, the grand jury's foreperson is a nutter — she definitely isn't ready for primetime:

YOUTUBE: Russia has infiltrated the U.S. Senate. There are so many senators who are openly pro-Russia ... and yet, voters in the U.S. seem not to care, or to be on board with it:

ARTNET: A man bought a painting he suspected to be by Raphael and then spent decades (and $500K) trying to prove his hunch. Then he died. Then, right after his death, AI apparently proved it's legit, meaning it could sell for hundreds of millions.

TIKTOK: Why, yes, I love both Carol Burnett and Madonna!

@boyculturedotcom Happy 25th to #RayOfLight by #Madonna (with a #CarolBurnett ♬ original sound - Matthew Rettenmund/BoyCulture