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Feb 02 2023
#ResignNowGeorge + Ben Aldridge On Coming Out In 2020 + Hunter Biden Fights Back + Nekkid Dudes + MORE! — 6-PACK Comments (0)

ABOVE: We don't speak of Stuart Whitman enough.

Paul-mescal-thighs-boycultureBonus pic: Oscar nominee Paul Mescal, who gave one of 2022's very best perfs, is 27 today. (Image via Twitter)

BELOW: Keep reading for Ben Aldridge's coming-out thoughts, Beyoncé's tour, Hunter Biden's strategy, #ResignNowGeorge and more ...

Ben-aldridge-nude-dick-picsTeabag in Fleabag (GIF via Mr. Man)

EW.COM: Spoiler Alert and A Knock at the Cabin star Ben Aldridge is gay, and is out, and he's coming to terms with how his coming-out Instagram post in 2020 was a calculated risk — that seems to be paying off:

I made that decision going, “Well, if that's gonna play against me in any way, I don't wanna work with the people that are making those choices.” What [coming out] did do, I think, was align me in queer projects that I wouldn't have necessarily been considered for. A journalist put it to me, “Do you feel like the universe has rewarded you for coming out?” I don't believe that it would reward me, but I think in being authentic, you interact with the world in a different way. Therefore, what comes back at you is also gonna be different. I have really relished playing gay men. It has given the work that I'm doing much more meaning. I'm meeting myself in my work.

Nude-male-butt-boyculture-gay-crack-sexy-burak-deniz-4Wash all over me ... (Image via video still)

OMG.BLOG!: When your star is Burak Deniz, you make sure to have a scene where he clambers from the water onto a dock fully nude.

EXTRATV: Where are you seeing Beyoncé?

WAPO: Looks like Hunter Biden is fighting back — aggressively.

HUFF POST: The veteran who Rep. George Santos (R-New York) allegedly scammed out of a measly $3,000 says the FBI has contacted him, and is investigating. I think Santos is a sociopath and I would not be surprised if he did something outrageous and violent as he continues to be cornered. Someone that unhinged needs to be isolated.

TIKTOK: Madonna surprises with a dance set to Lady Gaga's “Bloody Mary” — and looks great:

@madonna ♬ original sound - heyy

Considering Gaga recently expressed love for Madonna, maybe they're ... planning something?!