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Feb 24 2023
Paul Mescal's Overachieving Underarms + Naked French Dude + Florida Thrill Killer of 2 Gay Men Sentenced (#Dead) + OnlyFans Stars Speak Out About The POWERFUL TOOL + MORE! — 12-PACK Comments (0)

ABOVE: These were Farentino's hottest poses, and it's not even close.

BELOW: An Oscar nominee's hairy pits (no, not Blanchett), a naked French star, OnlyFans models get real, thrill killer of gay men gets sentenced and more ...

Paul-mescal-pits-hairy-underarms-aftersun-boycultureLife after Aftersun (Image via ES)

ES: Paul Mescal is up for an Oscar for Aftersun and a bona fide rising star, but he hopes his life won't change much more than it has. He also tells ES about being stalked by a fan, but I swear to God every time we ran into each other, it was a pure accident. Yes, even in his kitchen.

BUZZFEED NEWS: A man who lured two gay men to his home and murdered them for kicks asked a judge presiding over his case to sentence him to death. Wish fulfilled.

Boyculture-gay male nudity jacque-bonnaffe-nude-01If you're into Jacques ... (Images via video stills)

OMG.BLOG!: French actor Jacques Bonaffé gets very naked indeed in Prénom Carmen.

MEDIA MATTERS: Meta (you know, Facebook?) has profited from 200+ ads that use the disgusting slur “groomer” — even though it pretends that word is banned.

YOUTUBE: Great duet between Neil Tennant and Jake Shears on “Rent.” The song works even better as a duet, IMHO.

Boyculture Matthew Camp 7Matthew Camp, in the trailer, discusses this “powerful tool.” (Image via WOW Presents Plus)

YOUTUBE: Click Boys is debuting on WOW Presents Plus at 1 p.m. on Monday, Feb 27, with new episodes airing weekly. It follows sexy OnlyFans guys in their quest to express themselves and make bank doing it.

Gloss Madonna Feb 2023 my cover storyKenneth has a more extensive round-up of gay mags HERE! (Image via Gloss)

GLOSS: My story on Madonna that came out recently has been syndicated, and wound up making the cover of Gloss (which is also the title of the fake magazine in her Borderline music video, 100s of images from which are coincidentally being published for the first time 39 years later HERE starting tomorrow).

HUFF POST: People are losing their shit that a few words in some books by Roald Dahl — who was a florid anti-Semite, so maybe might've chosen a few now-dated words a time or two? Maybe? — were amended for modern readers. Bright on Little Black Sambo.

TWITTER: Who watched Episode 1 of Season 3 of Party Down today?!

PRIDESOURCE: Here's what Shania Twain — who endorsed Trump — had to say about that today, in part:

I regret that anyone felt that I would ever have felt that it was OK to exclude LGBTQ+ [people].

DEADLINE: Jean Smart, 71, confirms she had a heart procedure — but is doing well.

TWITTER: The fact that actual Nazis feel emboldened to terrorize and insult Jewish people in broad daylight in Florida (in the U.S., anywhere) is appalling. What the fuck is happening?