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Feb 01 2023
How Was Robert Reed In Bed? + GOP Harasses Cancer Patient, But There'll Be Hell Toupée + Raft Of Anti-Trans Laws + MORE! — 6-PACK Comments (0)

ABOVE: Gulp.

BELOW: Keep reading for a Hollywood tell-all, Republicans harassing a cancer patient and more ...

Joel-thurm-sex-drugs-gay-rock-hudson-boycultureHe even nabbed an ONJ blurb before she died. (Image via BearManor)

KENNETH IN THE (212): Joel thurm gay boyculture Joel Thurm, a former casting director who is now 80, is publishing a tell-all memoir in which he claims he bedded Robert Reed and was offered sex by Rock Hudson but was too intimidated to perform.

He also writes that Brando and James Dean were, in fact, lovers, but I can't see where that is detailed in the book or how he was privy to that info.

It is clear Thurm is well-liked by stars — he even gets a glowing blurb from John Travolta. That's not so surprising, considering Thurm cast Travolta in The Boy in the Plastic Bubble (in which Reed was Travolta's dad, suggesting a gay gene), but it's a little surprising considering Thurm is blabbing about closeted stars with nary a word about Mr. Travolta.

I may have to — GASP! — read a book.

TWITTER: Rep. Jamie Raskin (D-Maryland) is undergoing chemo, so is wearing a bandanna on his head. Incredibly, Speaker McCarthy is insisting he remove it! Raskin's response is if they force him to remove his bandanna, he'll force them to remove their toupees — zing!

TWITTER: Laverne Cox is exactly right — all these new anti-trans laws (some are mind-bogglingly invasive) are designed to try to make trans people not exist:

How are these GOP laws not anti-freedom? (And don't bring up kids, because all the laws regarding kids are simply precursors to making it illegal to be transgender, period.)

CLICK ORLANDO: Another Boomer Trumper who lives in The Villages in Florida has admitted to voting more than once in the 2020 election. Election fraud is almost always committed by Republicans. And whenever it is committed intentionally, it should be punished harshly. Here, 62-year-old John Rider is able to avoid jail via a pre-trial intervention program. What a crock!

EXTRATV: The odious Dr. Phil is ending after 21 seasons. However, it sounds like we have Dr. Oz-like right-wing balderdash coming out way, albeit only on TV and not at the polls — Dr. Phil McGraw said in a statement:

He also disrespectfully refers to sitting PM Justin Trudeau by his first name.