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Feb 23 2023
Orlando Bloom's Nips + Vintage Jockstrap Pals + Justice For Scott Johnson + Immersive Restaurant Journey Opens In NYC + P!nk Th!nks She's Polarizing + MORE! — 12-PACK Comments (0)
@brauhala Backstage with #ArianaDebose, getting ready to do the thing at the BAFTAs. 🥳 #bafta #baftas #angelabassett ♬ original sound - Benjamin Rauhala

ABOVE: Ariana DeBose is, cat-like, saying: “I meant to do that!” re her campy BAFTAs opening. (Still bizarre she deleted socials. It wasn't that deep! It was bad, but in a fun way. Sounded like this.)

BELOW: Orlando Bloom's tits 'n' pits, vintage jockstrap fun, justice for Scott Johnson and more ...

Orlando Bloom shirtless-nipples boycultureHe knows to present tits and pits when approaching the gays. (Image via Flaunt)

SOCIALITE LIFE: I touch my elf when I look at these images of Orlando Bloom.

Vintage-jockstrap-gay-boyculture-shirtlessOlden gays (Image via video still)

OMG.BLOG!: Vintage jockstrap fun.

SCOTT-JOHNSON-murder-australia-gay-boycultureScott Johnson, who died at the bottom of a cliff in Australia. (Image via family photo)

ATTITUDE: Scott Johnson, killed in Australia decades ago, finally has justice. His killer has pleaded guilty to manslaughter, after previously pleading guilty to murder, being jailed and then being freed. It's now truly over, and Johnson's long-suffering family has some peace of mind.

GLAAD: Country superstar Shania Twain on the drag controversy:

Drag shows are so fun. I've been to a couple of drag shows, big ones in Las Vegas. Obviously, RuPaul's Drag Race! I so admire the talent there. First of all, it takes a lot of courage. I mean, fashion in itself takes courage. You're taking on a lot. And then the makeup, the ability to put their own makeup on and do such a beautiful job. I've learned a lot from drag queens. I watched their tutorials because no, I've never seen such transformation in some of these talents that their faces go through. Just through creative makeup. It's very impressive and their fashion, I don't know, I'm very inspired by it … I think we need this inspiration; we need drag queens to share their talent with us.

WASHINGTON BLADE: Drag performers speak out about the bills proposing to make drag illegal (in 2023!!!) and how far-reaching and devastating their passage would and will be.

Erik-bottcher-journey-nyc-boycultureBottcher, and what the big room looks like at NYC's Journey (Images by Matthew Rettenmund)

KENNETH IN THE (212): NYC Council Member Erik Bottcher was on the scene after that awful religious zealot set fire to a Pride flag in NYC. He seems a tireless guy! I met him at the opening of the immersive restaurant Journey in NYC last week, where he was talking up business in the city post-lockdown:

GR8ERDAYS: Shelley Duvall, 73, is making a movie comeback after decades away — and she hopes to one day take home Oscar gold.

WAPO: Sen. Bernie Sanders (D-Vermont) chatted with jet-setting President Biden about student debt.

DAILY BEAST: Sen. Kyrsten Sinema (D-Arizona) pays $300,000/year to a security expert. Who is the sister of Tulsi Gabbard.

TMZ: Don Lemon isn't going anywhere, haters.

INSTAGRAM: P!nk is pretending Madonna doesn't like her to let you know she has a new album out, and to get Madonna to say she really does like her (as she probably does):