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Feb 12 2023
NFL Hot Shots + Gay PR Guru Howard Bragman Dies @ 66 + What To Expect From Rihanna's Halftime Show + MORE! — 6-PACK Comments (0)

ABOVE: Here's hoping Josh Brolin continues to wage his war against clothing for many years to come.

BELOW: Keep reading for hot NFLers, the death of Howard Bragman and more...

Howie-long-hanes-feet-underwear-boycultureHowie Long-ing (Image via Hanes)

GREG IN HOLLYWOOD: Greg sniffs out some of the NFL's hottest hunks.

KENNETH IN THE (212): Crisis manager and PR expert Howard Bragman has died at 66 after a short battle with an aggressive form of leukemia. Bragman was noted for his LGBTQ activism and for helping celebrities come out, including Meredith Baxter, Michael Sam and Chely Wright.

GLAAD's President & COO Sarah Kate Ellis said:

Howard Bragman was an industry leader who masterfully used the power of the press to create positive change and visibility for LGBTQ people. Throughout his long career, he worked with many LGBTQ notables to ensure their coming out stories were treated with dignity and created impact for the entire community. His own visibility as an out executive, paired with a trademark humor and bold approach to public relations, made unforgettable marks on media, entertainment, and public relations industries.

EXTRATV: Rihanna says she studied Prince, Madonna, Janet Jackson and especially Beyoncé ahead of tonight's Super Bowl Halftime Show.

TIKTOK: Happy Super Bowl! Here's what I know about football:


Joe Namath's Famous BeautyMist Pantyhose Ad — Happy Super Bowl!

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INSTAGRAM: It is appalling to me that Sen. (!) J.D Vance (R-Ohio) said that it's a problem that childless women are in positions of power in the Democratic Party, citing just two — VP Kamala Harris and Rep. AOC (D-New York), the latter of whom is  all of 33 years old. It's revolting to say this out loud, but worse, he called women without kids “a bunch of childless cat ladies.” Chelsea Handler handled it:

HUFF POST: Incredibly, Rep. Matt Gaetz (R-Florida) invited an accused killer to lead the Pledge of Allegiance ahead of the first GOP-headed House Judiciary Committee hearing. He apologized to the victim's family, and apparently the excuse was nobody had thought to do a deep dive into the background ... of a person invited into the House of Representatives?!