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Mar 28 2023
Nashville Shooter Was Trans, Unlike Almost Every Other Mass Murderer + Tennis Buns + Fired OnlyFans Judge Unbothered + Racism & Remakes & MORE! — 12-PACK Comments (0)

Gay-drag-queen-boycultureThe queen's throat. (Image via video still)

ABOVE: Drag used to be about the whole act! Watch an incredible, once-lost, now-found gay doc here.

BELOW: Keep reading for one of the only trans mass shooters ever (I smell a pattern!), two massageable globes, sluts against jurisprudence and more ...

Tennis-benjamin-lock-butt-underwear-boycultureI understand the masseuses are all volunteers. (Image via Instagram)

KENNETH IN THE (212): Watch 6'6" Zimbabwean tennis star Benjamin Lock get a massage, face-down.

HUFF POST: The Nashville shooter was Audrey Hale (possibly using a different name), likely a trans man, who resented having been made to attend the private school that was shot up. Six innocent people were blown away by a weapon designed to kill as many as possible as quickly as possible, a weapon easy to obtain in the U.S.

The takeaway for right-wingers and other trans haters is OMG TRANS. Why is it when an LGBTQ person commits one of these heinous acts, we as a community cringe and brace for the insinuations, whereas when straight, white men — overwhelmingly responsible for mass shootings — do it, the ones now screaming about trans people just move on with their glorious day?

Oh, and to top it all off, right-wingers — including elected officials, and including Elon Musk — are embracing the lie that trans people are disproportionately responsible for mass shootings. They are not, and that includes that far-right asshole who not long ago pretended to be non-binary after his shooting spree just to further damage those people.

Gregory-a-locke-boyculture-judge-gay-onlyfansI'm not sure posting that he'd fuck a lawyer while on jury duty helped, but I assume he'll sue. (Image via Instagram)

QUEERTY: The gay judge fired for being a professional slut, and therefore for being an unprofessional slut, isn't really a judge, is really an Adele fan and doesn't seem to care he was fired.

Disney-ruby-bridges-boycultureWhat alternate universe is this where this film sparks offense? (Image via Disney)

WAPO: Meanwhile, in Florida, a parent is worried the film Ruby Bridges needs to be removed from viewing for students because the anti-racist film might make white students hate Black students. Clever new way to be racist — pretend it's to help Black people out.

WAPO: Arrest Ginni Thomas, thanks

NEWSWEEK: Gives “nanny state” a whole new meaning. At what point will the GOP simply demand ownership over all children?

Love-is-blind-cock-dick-underwear-male-nudity-boyculture-gayHe is happy to see you. (Image via video still)

OMG.BLOG!: OMG gets at the meat of things.

CBC: A gay Canadian man is filing suit against his insurance company, alleging anti-gay discrimination in his efforts to become a dad via IVF; the necessary drugs for surrogates are not covered.

BBC: After the 1h 16m mark, you hear a bit of Madonna's work with Christine and the Queens.

GR8ERDAYS: No, I do not want to see Robert Downey Jr. in a Vertigo remake. The movie is brilliant, but if you release a film today in which a person is supposed to be passing as someone different due to a hair-color change, audiences' heads will spin.

TWITTER: This Tennessee politician says that because mass shooters are like kamikaze pilots, there's nothing we can do to curtail them. “We're not gonna fix it.” Because the U.S. famously is still fighting WWII.

INSTAGRAM: Do yourself a favor and watch Victim with Dirk Bogarde if you never have.