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Mar 18 2023
Elon Musk's Twitter Suspends Account Of Gay Man Successful At Flipping His Dad From Trump Comments (0)

Ryan-short-email-dad-twitter-elon-musk-gay(Image via Twitter)

With ZERO explanation offered, Elon Musk's Twitter has suspended the account of a man who recently went viral for writing a line-in-the-sand letter to his GOP family that led to his MAGA father quiting his local Republican club.

I wonder why Mr. Free Speech is so against it when it isn't right-wing-friendly?

Ryan-short-father-twitter-gay-boycultreSeattle man Ryan Short, 42, upon being told by his 80-year-old dad that he was still voting GOP, even after the party's relentless anti-LGBTQ rhetoric, emailed his family, stating:

Hear me clearly — you cannot vote for the GOP and continue to have a relationship with me. No exceptions. I am inviting no dialogue, and I have no interest in nuance ... The safety and peace of me, my husband, and my community is baseline, non-negotiable, and unrelated to politics. To vote GOP is to divide the family.

Short isn't trying to win friends and influence people, even if he did the latter, telling Insider:

This letter was a boundary, not a persuasion. It was not intended to persuade anyone.

Twitter came into play when Short posted a screenshot of his email to the social media site. Within a day, Twitter had suspended him.

I guess LGBTQ rights is Musk's line in the sand.