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Mar 30 2023
Taron Egerton On Playing Gay + 1st Queer SURVIVOR Tribe + Gun Control Truth-Telling + Drag Kills 100,000 Per Year? Oh, Mary! + MORE! — 12-PACK Comments (0)

ABOVE: The Gender Euphoria Festival, a virtual celebration, is coming tomorrow — on Trans Day of Visibility.

BELOW: Keep reading for Taron up my heart, Troye's anal routine, Joan Collins thinks she knows why movies fail and more ...

Boyculture-taron-egerton-1a-2000-c728f08470b94bfdb68f030ae80d4650Taron demonstrates his allyship. I mean, his underarms. (Image via Instagram)

GAYETY: Taron Egerton has weighed in on whether or not straight-IDed actors should play gay, saying:

I grew up in a very liberal town, and a couple of my close friends are gay. I feel an affinity with that community.

He went on to say he is against a blanket rule against.

TWITTER: I have singled out cute, apparently straight Carson Garrett today, but let's also show some love for Tika — the first out, all-queer tribe in Survivor theirstory!

OMG.BLOG!: Troye Sivan shares the pills that keep him gay.

DECIDER: A positive review of Who Killed Robert Wone? — which I also recommended.

YOUTUBE: Rep. Jamaal Bowman (D-New York) did the thing:

GOTHAMIST: The NYPD is the worst. The. Worst. They just shot a guy experiencing a mental health break after his dad called 311 (NOT 911) for help. They did it within seconds of arriving on the scene, in spite of a language barrier.

CHUDS OF TIKTOK: It blows me away on a daily basis that people like this are not locked up in asylums. This moron claims drag shows kill 100,000 a year.

HUFF POST: Russia has its new high-profile U.S. prisoner — Wall Street Journal reporter Evan Gershkovich.

INSTAGRAM: Joan Collins is fabulous in a lot of ways, but at heart, she's a right-winger and barely suppresses it. She's written for right-wing 'bloids and her pals are the likes of Piers Morgan. Now, she's hopped on the anti-woke bandwagon. People who slam wokeness may sometimes think they're criticizing over-the-top over-corrections, like PC run amok. But if you're more upset about whatever you think being woke is than you are about racism and homophobia, you might be the problem. In this case, Collins is specifically sharing a meme criticizing Hollywood for being too woke. What's that mean? It means it's bad to have a Black Ariel. It means some Disney films have infinitesimally tiny hat tips to LGBTQ people. It means you think it's bad to have diversity. It means any time a trans character exists, it's just wokeness, not organic, not reality. For 100 years, movies were overwhelmingly white and straight. You get some female Ghostbusters and a few Black leads and white people lose their minds. (Meanwhile, I think Jennifer Aniston's comments are more thoughtful, and at least leave room for the idea that maybe increased sensitivity isn't always bad.)

TWITTER: Speaking of right-wing idiots:

TWITTER: Before Elon Musk erases everyone's hard-earned blue checks — which will only be available for pay soon — folks are giving up their most meaningful final posts:

TWITTER (FOLLOW ME HERE): Sadly, Brizz Gillis, one of the original members of LFO, has died. The '90s group was known for its huge hit Summer Girls (you remember — the Chinese food/Abercrombie & Fitch song), which came after Brizz exited. Now, three out of four guys who were ever in LFO have died young, following Rich Cronin and Devin Lima. Only Brad Fischetti is left.

This, by the way, is one of my guilty-pleasure faves by LFO, from the Brizz days: