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Mar 27 2023
Kit Connor Is Now Jacked Comments (0)

Kit-connor-jacked-shirtless-boycultureThe journey of natty man. (Image via Instagram)

Kit Connor, 19, is known for playing Nick on Heartstopper. Based on a comic book, the show took liberties when casting him and Joe Locke, enough that some young fans were miffed that Connor was smaller than his character's original description.

It would appear that sniping got to the recently out actor, who says:

I was doing 200 push up a day and the only thing that was developing was my chest, If you look in Heartstopper, there’s a couple of points where I’m wearing a quite a tight shirt and ... the boobies were looking quite large.

He has since undergone a transformation with significant strength training

Could he really be working out to fit in as Hulkling, joining the MCU? Either way, 19-year-old Joe Locke, who plays opposite Kit on Heartstopper, will definitely be getting his pussy murdered next season.

More of Kit with his kit partly off: