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Mar 02 2023
Michael B. Jordan For Calvin Klein + Daniels Take On Jennifer Coolidge + Oscar Bait + Chaka Khan Rages + MORE! — 12-PACK Comments (0)

ABOVE: He never fails to blow up IG — happy belated 49th to Mark-Paul Gosselaar.

BELOW: Keep reading for Michael B. Fine, Everything Jennifer All at Once, southern rep longs for the days of lynching and more  ...

Michael-b-jordan-shirtless-calvin-klein-underwear-boycultureTessa Thompson recently joked her Creed III co-star should be called Michael B. Fine. (Image via video still)

SOCIALITE LIFE: Michael B. Jordan for Calvin Klein.

ADVOCATE: Beyoncé in the House! Of Representatives!

OMG.BLOG!: This Argentinian soccer star went 3/4 monty — right on the field!

Jennifer-coolidge-daniels-boyculture-destroyThelma Ritter could never. (Image by Daniels for W)

W: Jennifer Coolidge styled by Daniels for W is ... out of this world. Wish this were a movie!

TWITTER: People from the South are sensitive to goober stereotypes, and here is elected Rep. Paul Sherrell (R) of Tennessee saying he thinks being tough on crime is a very good “ideal,” and suggesting we return to lynching.

There ya go, Black conservatives. There's your party. P.S. Rep. Sherrell later apologized, stating he really just wanted to express support for families seeking justice and he's awful sorry if he you are offended. Some of Sherrell's other most racist hits.

TWITTER: Black Dem vs. Black Republican. Choose your team. I'll choose the guy who doesn't believe racists when they say they aren't racisming.

VARIETY: Who will win the Oscar for Best Original Song?

L.A. TIMES: Three Oscar voters share their picks, and they're not in line with recent winners or predix.

DES MOINES REGISTER: Students across Iowa walked out of classrooms to support LGBTQ people amid a wave of anti-gay, anti-trans legislation.

VICE: Straight guy wants to bang male friend.

JUST JARED: It's petty, but so are lists — Chaka Khan is flipping her lid over Rolling Stone calling her the 29th-best singer of all time, raging that Mariah Carey came in at #5. Tell it to Céline Dion and Barbra Streisand, who didn't even rank!

HUFF POST: White House signals concern that the right-wing activist SCOTUS will vote down student debt relief, even though it's legal. Good way to ensure students vote in 2024. But would wreck a lot of plans.