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Mar 10 2023
SEX/LIFE Returns + Jenna Ellis Censured + Youngkin On Trans Bathrooms: BUILD SEPARATE BATHROOMS + Mason Gooding's Flex Appeal + MORE! — 6-PACK Comments (0)

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ABOVE: Um. Whose birthday is it, with all that cake around?!

Whats-in-the-bakery-truck-boyculture(Image via Little Golden Books)

BELOW: Keep reading for the return of Sex/Life, Mason Gooding's arm dance and more ...

Boyculture-sex-life-season-02-locker-room-hero-2048x1124Locker room banter (Image via Netflix)

OMG.BLOG!: The totally naked cast of Netflix's Sex/Life.

SOCIALITE LIFE: Lukas Gage talks about those rumors he's sexing Chris Appleton.

USA TODAY: Trump's toadie former lawyer Jenna Ellis has been censured for knowingly spreading election lies — and she has admitted she lied.

TWITTER: Gov. Glenn Youngkin (R-Virginia) gave a non-answer to a trans student on the issue of bathroom use, and all I have in my timeline is old gay men bitching about pronouns and “queer” and trans issues. They all ignore how fundamentally radical gay was in 1970, t00. They act like gay is normal and safe and our enemies would be cool with all our rights ... IF ONLY we would cut ties with trans people and stop using scary words. They will never likes us. They despise all of us. Like the Nazis, they may start by eradicating the trans people, but they will progress to eradicating the queer people and yes the gay people, too:

Back on topic, it's fucking nuts for Youngkin to suggest that adding gender-neutral bathrooms to schools will solve anything. First, only a fraction of any schools would actually build them (communities would bitch about cost), and any schools that had them would have irate, right-wing parents demanding THEIR kids not be allowed that choice for their own safety. 

And as problematic as gender-neutral bathrooms would be as a solution, try it with sports. Oh, let's have at trans league. There wouldn't be enough trans kids in all but a few areas to make up teams, so the real answer is: if you're trans, fuck you, no sports. That's what the right wants, and that's what far too many comfy gays are cool with, too.

NYT: Michigan's state government is totally run by Democrats for the first time in FOUR DECADES, and they're moving quickly on unions, gun control and LGBTQ rights.

INSTAGRAM (FOLLOWS APPRECIATED): Mason Gooding of Scream VI is te matinee idol we need.