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Mar 09 2023
Rugby Star Strips For Fan + Anti-Gay Tennessee Lt. Gov.'s Love Notes To Insta-Twink + Charles Busch's Memoir Approacheth + MORE! — 12-PACK Comments (0)

Boyculture-John Hill and Danny ViscontiTwo against the world (Images via Dan Fortune PR)

ABOVE: John Hill and Danny Visconti are bringing their Hair and Teeth show to The Green Room 42 — TIX. Psst: It includes tunes by Jessica Simpson and Beyoncé. I'm old enough to remember being on a press trip with JS and B at Disney, and Jessica was treated as the bigger star!

BELOW: Keep reading for the anti-gay bigot who flirts with femme boys, a jock strips on the field, Charles Busch spills all and MORE ...

Rugby-butt-boycultureNo, I wanted the underwear! (Image via video still/FB)

FACEBOOK: This custom of rugby stars stripping off their freshly used game shorts and tossing them to fans — is odd.

CBS: Republicans pushing for MORE Don't Say Gay in Florida.


Franklyn-superstar-mcnally-boyculture-gayThese are not just casual likes. These are low-key loves. (Images via Instagram)

TENNESSEE OUTLOOK: Tennessee's anti-gay Lt. Gov. Randy McNally, 79, has been leaving gushing messages on extremely revealing photos posted by a 20-year-old Tennessee trans-adjacent (he has a feminine look) twink. This, amid his anti-gay administration's anti-LGBTQ+ legal moves. Once his fawning was noticed — it really feels like he never realized his comments were public? — McNally's spokesperson tried to brush it off as the left making something wholesome into something dirty. UPDATE: I correctly noted Tennessee in this item, but mistakenly wrote Kentucky in the header, which I have corrected.

Franklyn is an idiot, by the way. He doesn't even want to confirm it's obvious that McNally was flirting with him.

SOCIALITE LIFE: Jennifer Coolidge makes her gay-porn debut.

Charles-busch-boyculture-gayDrag yourself to the link and pre-order! (Image via Penguin Random House)

PENGUIN RANDOM HOUSE: Here comes Charles Busch's memoir! I'm sure this will be a must-read.

HUFF POST: Minority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-Kentucky) fell. Unfortunately, he did get up.

Dominic-boyculture-Mazotta-naked-1There wasn't a dry thigh in the house. (Image via video still)

OMG.BLOG!: They don't call Dominic Mazzotta a Honey Badger for nothin'. That towel action!

MEDIATE: Investigative journalist Christina Buttons is a bad person. After all, she worked for Daily Wire, the rabidly right-wing, er, news service. However, how bad does bad have to get before bad people are even quitting it in protest? Buttons has quit her job over the site's malicious anti-trans stories and messaging. (She claims to be a Dem, but feels awfully TERFy, givens he lurved Matt Walsh's doc What Is a Woman?

INSTAGRAM: Rep. Pamela Stevenson (D-Kentucky) speaks up for trans kids as the state seems to systematically erase them.

TWITTER: Rep. Lauren Boebert (R-Colorado) will soon be a grandmother — her 17-year-old son is about to become a father.

EXTRATV: Tiffany Haddish and Sharon Stone karaoked.

TWITTER: Jennifer Lawrence is embracing her goofy side with No Hard Feelings, which is about helicopter parents hiring a woman to seduce their 19-year-old dorky son. This is sort of a take on the old “hire a hooker for my 15-year-old to make him a man” situation from the past, adjusted for today's audiences: