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Mar 17 2023
Al Parker: Foreskin Forefather + Daily Wire Host Michael Knowles, Mr. Eradicated Trans People, Did Gay-Sex Scene In College + Dick Slip + Lukas Gage Is Loved + MORE! — 12-PACK Comments (0)

Model-vivendi-gay-inclusive-fashion-boyculture(Image by Panos Misailidis for Modus Vivendi)

ABOVE: Don't worry, you're definitely invited to the cookout. Not that one, but a cookout.

BELOW: Keep reading for BIG Al Parker, Little Michael Knowles and more ...

Al-parker-boycultureOy toy (Image via The Al Parker Album)

DID YOU SLEEP WITH THE MODELS?: A remembrance of Al Parker, including his love affair with foreskins, the one part of his body that robbed him of his self-confidence, his job at the Playboy Mansion and what happened when Tom Ewell and George Cukor tried to pay him for sex.

Michael-knowles-gay-boycultureThey awkwardly fake a kiss in the short, and are seen disentangling from a fuck. (Image via video still)

JOE.MY.GOD.: Oh, my God. This is ... how many times will it be proven that every right-wing accusation is a confession? Surely you've heard of the right-winger who called for eradication trans people at CPAC? That was Daily Wire lunatic Michael Knowles. He is as viciously anti-LGBTQ as they come. So of course he did a gay sex scene in the past in a student film called The House of Shades. Knowles is also big on traditional masculinity and comes off as a ripening twink. P.S. I agree with Joe that it's ironic the stupid song “Cannibal” is heard here:

OMG.BLOG!: Italian basketball star's cock slips right out on camera.

SOCIALITE LIFE: Chris Appleton is “very much in love” with Lukas Gage.

AP NEWS: Putin wanted for war crimes.

WAPO: Yes, king — Hunter Biden sues sus repair shop owner John Paul Mac Isaac over invasion of privacy for Isaac's dissemination of private information from Biden's laptop, which was then tampered with and has taken up way WAY way too much of our time for five years.

HUFF POST: Pence has doubled-down on his homophobic joke about Pete Buttigieg, claiming it was in the context of a roast. I wish we could get away from this place where humor is sacrosanct and above criticism. By all means, yes, learn to take a joke — but don't pretend when the joke is HA-HA, GAY.

VICE: I posted about ivermectin influencer Danny Lemoi — who croaked from the stuff — before, but just read that he also encouraged people to take cyanide to cure cancer.

MSNBC: Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis (R) ate pudding with his fingers. 

VANITY FAIR: The Other Two is coming back for Season 3! A sneak peek from the set of one of TV's funniest shows.

TWITTER: This is how all anti-trans people sound to me:

YOUTUBE: Bobby Caldwell of “What You Won't Do for Love” (1978) fame has died at 71: