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Mar 14 2023
Paul Mescal Coming + Michael Imperioli For Trans Rights + Biden Slams Florida Anti-Trans Laws + Bank Crisis Explained + Who Did Melissa McCarthy's Makeup?! + MORE! — 12-PACK Comments (0)

ABOVE: Russell Todd, one of the hottest men of the '80s, is now one of the hottest men in his 60s.

BELOW: Keep reading for Paul Mescal opening, Michael Imperioli for trans rights, NYC Pride announces theme and more ...

Paul-mescal-strangers-thighs-boycultureAt home in footy shorts or Gucci (Image via Instagram)

W: Paul Mescal confirms that Andrew Haigh's (Weekend) Strangers — a gay romantic drama in which he co-stars with Andrew Scott — is coming by the end of 2023.

NYC PRIDE: The 2023 theme for NYC Pride is STRENGTH IN SOLIDARITY. Now try it.

INSTAGRAM: For example, Michael Imperioli posted his love and support for trans people — and immediately told transphobes to fuck off.

TWITTER: President Biden spoke very empathetically about trans kids, hinting that the U.S. could look at federal laws against interfering with medical and other support for those who are transitioning. He's 80. What's your excuse if you can't wrap your head around this?

HUFF POST: Mike Pence made a joke at the expense of Pete Buttigieg for spending time with his critically ill newborn. Chasten Buttigieg didn't let it slide.

POLITICO: Imagine being as morally bankrupt as Ann O'Leary, a Hillary Clintonista and former Gavin Newsom chief of staff AND proponent of expanding abortion rights ... who is willing to take money from Walgreens to try to persuade Newsom to take a softer approach to the chain's inexplicable decision to drop abortion care that is legal in most states.

TWITTER: Trump, who knows he is about to be indicted, claims it's because Black prosecutors are “racists in reverse” against him.

DAILY BEAST: Rep. Matt Gaetz (R-Florida) just hired a staffer who is a proud “raging misogynist.”

WAPO: Gov. Ron DeSantis (R) of Florida — who could feasibly be POTUS one day — says Ukraine is not a U.S. security interest. Guess who will be funding his career forever after? Is America not over Russian assets by now?

TWITTER: Most of Congress had a Zoom call to understand the bank crisis. This guy explains it all:

YOUTUBE: I remember years ago when I was asked to do an interview with gay-porn actor Mark Dalton and I was hesitant to take the time. But he was at a hotel near me, so I thought I'd just go and do a video, too. Now, it is by far my most-watched YouTube upload (please subscribe!), barreling toward 1 million views. There is something about the concept of gay-for-pay that is triggering. At any rate, the interview was set up by porn impresario David Forest, who promptly died months later.

YOUTUBE: Nobody is overly impressed by Melissa McCarthy's makeup for The Little Mermaid. Her eyebrow game is pathetic, but she has done this before and better — remember when she was Divine for Entertainment Weekly?!

Melissa-mccarthy-little-mermaid-boycultureTova Borgnine lives! (Image via Disney)