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Mar 19 2023
Naked Crushes + Pence Whiffs On Trump Arrest + Lukas Gage Dropped For Label Aversion + The Future Of PrEP + MORE! — 12-PACK Comments (0)

ABOVE: Interesting day for celebrity b'days — Bruce, Ursula Andress, Rerun!

BELOW: Keep reading for crushes, male nudity and — oh, yeah! — a former POTUS on the verge of a nervous breakdown ...

Jake-williamson-shirtless-gay-boycultureIf we ban TikTok, can we keep the guys? (Image via TikTok)

SOCIALITE LIFE: A timeline-cleansing potential crush.

WKBW: A gay small-business owner is suing his whole fucking town.

SWARM-male-nudity-boycultureIt's a show about a woman and about women, but guys make cameos. (Image via Amazon Prime Video)

OMG.BLOG!: I recommend Donald Glover's insane series Swarm, about a superstan and her murderous rampage across the country — it's like a dramatization of Twitter, taken to its unnatural conclusion. And I don't recommend it for the hot guys. But. There are many!

TWITTER: Mike Pence is “taken aback at the idea of indicting a former president of the United States.” I wonder if he was clutching his pearls when the man was literally conspiring to get him HANGED? Here:

Pence also takes a swipe at NYC's alleged “crime wave” (stats show it isn't true). But hey, Trump is a part of the crime wave, baby.

INDIEWIRE: One nuance of the Lukas Gage NYT piece I had overlooked — he implies a former agent of his dropped him because of his sexual orientation ... or rather, because of his vagueness in IDing it:

I respect that he respects the need for representation while also wanting to come out in his own time. Many who refuse to come out lash out against the very idea of being out, and that is as unhelpful as hounding someone to be out.

This anecdote is also a good argument against those who still wistfully state that being LGBTQ shouldn't matter. We are not in Utopia. Being LGBTQ does, in fact, still matter — to a lot of people — in positive and negative ways.

POLITICO: One way in which Rep. George Santos (R-New York) fell through the cracks — he simply did not submit a key financial-disclosure form. And nobody noticed.

George-harrison-zorro-gay-boycultureGeorge Hamilton made bank on this and Love at First Bite by producing them. (Image via Simon)

DEADLINE: Hal Dresner, writer of Zorro the Gay Blade, has died at 85.

NBC NEWS: White gay men use PrEP disproportionately; will a new injectable option lead to wider use among nonwhites?

INSTAGRAM: Queer trailblazer Moms Mabley was born 129 years ago today:

USA TODAY: Gays get married later than straights — why? (I mean, we've only had the right since I was in my 40s, cut me some slack!)

NYT: Meet Radio Man, the 72-year-old self-professed bum who subsists on celebrity autograph sales.

KENNETH IN THE (212): LGBTQ mags of the week.

Gay-lgbtq-magazine-between-the-lines-shirtless-boycultureGrown men (Image via Between the Lines)