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Mar 21 2023
GLAAD Report On LGBTQ TV + Rep. Garcia On Queer Progress + Yes, If Trump's Indicted, It Hurts Him + Tom Hanks Not A Tom Hanks Fan? + MORE! — 6-PACK Comments (0)

Rory-culkin-penis-boycultureFor the bone alone (Image via Amazon Prime Video)

ABOVE: Rory Culkin flashed the goods in Swarm, and it was both funny and sexy. I recommend. More of his peen below.

BELOW: Keep reading for LGBTQTV, Rep. Garcia on where we go next, Tom Hanks vs. Tom Hanks and more ...

Interview-vampire-gay-boycultureInterview with the queer vampires (Image via AMC)

Metro-weekly-robert-garcia-boycultureGLAAD: GLAAD'S 27th Where We Are on TV Report tracks some expanding racial diversity among LGBTQ representation, although overall representation is down a bit.

METRO WEEKLY: The first out LGBTQ immigrant elected to Congress — Rep. Robert Garcia (D-California) — opens up about his identity, the raft of anti-LGBTQ legislation washing over the land and what Democrats need to do next.

POLITICO: “Stop Overthinking It: An Indictment Would Be Bad for Trump.”

HUFF POST: A Fox News producer has sued the network, claiming she was coerced into giving misleading testimony in the massive Dominion lawsuit that threatens to cripple her employer.

TWITTER: Still waiting for examples of all those good cops out there (example of the opposite from 2020 that still rankles):

GR8ERDAYS: Tom Hanks has let slip that he feels he's made only about four movies he considers pretty good. Which four would you choose from his canon?

Tom-hanks-sickPhiladelphia was his first of two Oscars. (GIF via GIPHY)

Oh, and here is that peek of Rory's peen from Swarm! More here if you sign up for Mr. Man.

Screen Shot 2023-03-21 at 12.59.48 PM(Image via Amazon Prime Video/Mr. Man)