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Mar 10 2023
Tennessee Lt. Gov. McNally Responds To Backlash Over Social Media Thirsting Comments (0)

Randy-mcnally-sex-gay-boyculture-tennesseeHis excuse that he's coming around on LGBTQ issues is laughable! (Image via video still)

Lt. Gov. Randy McNally, a Tennessee Republican, was caught liking — and REALLY, REALLY LIKING — a 20-year-old twink's slutty posts, even as the administration of which he is a part savagely tries to curtail LGBTQ rights and outlaw drag.

Now, this 79-year-old moron has sat for an interview on the subject, and his answers are a string of memes. For one thing, he says he overlooked the model's comments about weed — but did read the post about being a proud hoe ...