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Apr 02 2023
Gay Cowboy + Elon Musk In The Tank For Putin — Proof + Lesley Stahl Hearts Marjorie Taylor Greene + MORE! — 6-PACK Comments (0)

ABOVE: Still MORE Chris Meloni. (Can one ever get enough?!)

BELOW: Keep reading for a gay cowboy, Elon's pro-Putin algorithm, three more men wanted in connection with NYC's string of robberies (and deaths) and more ...

Jake-foy-ride-cowboy-gay-hallmark-boycultureI could quit him anytime I wanted to, but I just don't want to. (Image via Hallmark)

PRIDE: Hallmark's Ride features a gay cowboy played by Jake Foy.

TWITTER: Elon Musk changed Twitter's algorithm to protect Putin. The U.S. government should focus on Twitter before TikTok.

FORBES: Lesley Stahl — who I once encountered and who was A W F U L — has decided to film a lovey-dovey sit-down with Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene (R), who 60 Minutes euphemistically frames as outspoken.

Jacob-barroso-jayqwan-hamilton-robert-demaio-nyc-wanted-gay-killing-drugging-boyculture-Jacob Barroso, Jayqwan Hamilton & Robert Demaio (Images via NYPD)

NBC NEWS: And here are the faces of the three men wanted in connection with the deaths of two gay men after nights out in NYC last year — for a total of 17 robbery incidents. The NYPD has not revealed their exact alleged roles, but all three are wanted.

THE AP: Ex-Arkansas Gov. Asa Hutchinson is jumping into the 2024 presidential race, as yet another Republican not many people would ever want to see win.

AOL: Why Ginger Minj has no plans to leave the fascist state of Florida.

Tumblr_og4ljb98PN1rosb88o1_1280“It's my home, too.” (GIF via GIPHY)