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Apr 24 2023
Gay Journalist Don Lemon Out At CNN Comments (0)

Though CNN attempted to paint it as a run-of-the-mill parting of the ways, longtime CNN talent Don Lemon, who is an out gay man and a lightning rod for controversy, has been shit-canned from the network the same day Tucker Carlson was shit-canned over at Fox News.

CNN sez:

Cnn don lemon boyculture(Image via CNN)

But Don sez:

(Image via Don Lemon)

Lemon often put his foot in his mouth, and had been excoriated from the left and the right (especially!) at times, but it leaves a bad taste in my mouth that the final straw may have been his comments about Nikki Haley being over the hill. These were unfairly characterized as misogyny, when in fact it seems clear he was just using her own ageist logic against her.

Will be curious to see where he lands, and if it is perhaps more entertainment-based?