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Apr 27 2023
Jerry Springer Dead at 79 + Disney Sues DeSantis + Trans Rights Freak Out The GOP + PAPER's Employees Laid Off + Disco Inferno + MORE! — 12-PACK Comments (0)

BRADFORD-nude-shirtless-boycultureWindow-shopping (Image via video still)

ABOVE: How much is that doggie in the window?

BELOW: Keep reading for DeSantis's downfall, the world's heads explode over trans rights and more ...

RON-DESANTIS-boycultureEven Nikki Haley has sided with Disney. (Image via video still)

BARRONS: Disney has sued Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis for his illegal persecution of the House of Mouse.


OMG.BLOG!: Trailer arrives for Pedro Pascal and Ethan Hawke queerfest.

NYT: Tucker Carlson — fired from all the major news networks — came forth with a statement that said nothing but OOOOH DEEP STATE! In the meantime, looking like he was finally fired over horrible comments in private texts:

TMZ: Dwyane Wade and Gabrielle Union moved from Florida specifically because they did not feel safe there as the parents of a trans daughter. Not hard to believe — people are so frothy-mouthed insane over trans issues, they're talking about imprisoning and/or executing parents and health pros who help trans kids.

NYT: In Montana, the GOP has banned the state's first-ever elected trans official from participating in her job for the rest of the session because trans.

GLAAD: GLAAD's Sarah Kate Ellis wore a Christian Siriano-designed look inspired by trans equality to Wednesday's TIME100 Gala. She said, in a statement:

Allies to transgender people need to be vocal, visible, and to call out extremists and media figures who are working overtime to harm transgender people and spread lies about who they are. As a woman and a mom, I believe every young person, including transgender youth, should be able to grow up knowing that they’ll be treated fairly and equally.

Christian-siriano-trans-glaad-time100-design-fashon-boycultureDrawn to this (Image by Christian Siriano)

ADWEEK: Sadly, Paper Magazine has laid off its staff in an effort to save cash, regroup and (maybe) forestall outright closure.

Jerry Springer with Matt IMG_2040Twelve years ago (Image by Matthew Rettenmund)

EXTRATV: Jerry Springer has died at 79 after a short battle with pancreatic cancer.

Village-disco-daydream-nora-burns-boycultureBoys, hold on to your boyfriends! (Image via Peter Yesley/Dixon Place)

DIXON PLACE: The Village, a Disco Daydream is coming back for more. Highly recommend.

NYT: I reported Michael Denneny's death several days ago, but his official NYT obit is here.

YOUTUBE: Twenty years later, we get a 4K version of the Director's Cut of “American Life” — a masterpiece: