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Apr 03 2023
Brando Boost + Ballerini For LGBTQIA+ Rights + Taylor Swift Lesbian Hints + Stephen Smith Exhumed — Murdaugh Involvement? + MORE — 12-PACK Comments (0)

ABOVE: Dem stems!

BELOW: Keep reading for Brando's thighs, Taylor Swift lesbian hints, Ballerini for LGBTQIA+ and more ...

Marlon-brando-thighs-boycultureMarlon Brando's thighs — timeless. (Image via vintage still)

INSTAGRAM (FOLLOWS APPRECIATED): Forever Brando. That squat pic gained me half my followers a couple years back.

NBC NEWS: Two of the three men the NYPD said they were still seeking in connection with those 17 robberies and two deaths in NYC, seemingly disproportionately targeting gay men, have now been arrested. I hope they all go to prison forever, and I hope their families are sad.

TWITTER: Lesbian Easter eggs within Taylor Swift's tour imagery?!

INSTAGRAM: Kelsea Ballerini is standing firm with drag and the LGBTQ community — a tough position to take in country music. She shared an image of her performance with a bevy of queens, and the comments are loathsome, many of them pointing out that the Nashville shooter was trans. I do not understand the mentality of these rubes; one trans shooter means all trans people are evil and if you help them (or drag queens, or gays, or, or or) you're supporting murder, yet the vast majority of mass shootings are perpetrated by white men and nobody would — you know what? This is stupid to argue. These people are monsters and they're never going to change minds that they don't have. Let's hope when the Boomers and Gen X die that Millennials and Gen Z are an improvement.

TWITTER: One day, these people are going to round us up into camps over rainbow fashions.

OMG.BLOG!: Daniel Radcliffe hosts trans and non-binary roundtable. And not he's not jk.

RANDY RAINBOW: Been a while since I saw a new Randy Rainbow video!

HUFF POST: There is reportedly more new evidence — not exculpatory — in the classified documents probe that will likely lead to Trump's next round of indictments.

Sakidio-platis-pat-zranujit-urban-bear-nude-boyculture-fashion-backpacksI'll take one in every color. (Image via Sakidio Platis)

Boyculture-stephen-smith-portrait-072122-69fc3ea7eea547ca86d58d5b8c94cc37SAKIDIO PLATIS BY PAT ZRANUJIT: The backpack is the item we're supposed to buy, but ... may I make a bid on the backside?

PEOPLE: The body of Stephen Smith, the 19-year-old who was reportedly romantically involved with Alex Murdaugh's son, and who was found dead by a road in 2015, has been exhumed for further investigation after rumors continue to swirl he was possibly murdered by someone in that evil family.

Getting to this point has been a huge triumph for Stephen's mom; she's never believed the story that he died in a hit-and-run that was without motive.

TWITTER: This shit is ugly as sin, and the southern hobo vibe is ... alarming:

INSTAGRAM: RIP Seymour Stein, 80. He was the legendary A&R man who signed Madonna, the Talking Heads, the Ramones and many more, running Sire Records for 50+ years.