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Apr 08 2023
Mo'Nique: I WANT TO BE WITH ANOTHER WOMAN SEXUALLY + Pedro Pascal's Queer Western + Kamala Harris Praises Tennessee Three + Clarence Thomas's Benefactor Collects Nazi Stuff + MORE! — 12-PACK Comments (0)

ABOVE: Blew period.

BELOW: Keep reading for Mo'Nique comes out as bisexual, VP Harris uplifts the Tennessee Three, abortion on the ropes (agin) and more ...

Mo-nique-netflix-bisexual-boycultureOscar winner, Netflix slayer (Image via Netflix)

PEOPLE: Mo'Nique used her new Netflix special to, among other things, come out.

TICKETS HERE: Tickets are on sale now for the InterPride Global Gala, at which Joel Kim Booster, Fran Drescher, Pride 365 and Laith Ashley are set to be honored. Taking place April 29 at the Avalon Hollywood Theater and Bardot Lounge, this is the venerable (40 years!) org's inaugural global gala.

PEDRO-PASCAL-ethan-hawke-pedro-almodovar-movies-boyculture-queerThe film will be 30 minutes long. (Image via handout)

PINK NEWS: Why Pedro Pascal was excited to appear in a queer western. (Short answer: Because Pedro Almodóvar is directing it!)

HUFF POST: A MAGA judge singlehandedly made the so-called abortion pill illegal across the U.S. — pending appeal by the Biden Administration. Women, you need to vote these bastards out all across the country. Forever, my whole life, I heard that Roe v. Wade going away was fear-mongering. It. Went. Away. And that isn't enough for MAGA. Trump, prior to winning the electoral college said aloud that women who have abortions need to be punished somehow. Do we need women being executed to spur more action against all things GOP? There is no such thing as a moderate GOP official. They are all complicit.

TENNESSEE LOOKOUT: VP Harris visited Nashville in the wake of the expulsion of two Black lawmakers and near expulsion of one white one (hmmm) for daring to protest gun control.


NYT: Trump is cooked in New York, but FUCKED in Georgia, where he and up to a dozen of his pals — including Giuliani — face indictment for election interference.

Ryan-stuart-boycultureCNN: This is utterly tragic — Ryan Last, 17, was scammed by someone online who posed as a teen girl and got him to send a nude photo of himself. Once he did, the person demanded $5,000, then lowered it to $150. He paid it, then they continued threatening to expose him to his family. This started at 10 p.m. one evening, and ended at 2 a.m., when — humiliated — he took his own life. These scams are beyond vile because they deliberately target minors and are heartless, often coming from overseas, where it will be much harder to find, let alone punish, the wrongdoers.

WAPO: Clarence Thomas's billionaire buddy has, in his home, a display of Nazi regalia. Harlan Crow also has an entire garden filled with statues of ... dictators. This is the pal of Thomas's who claims he never, ever pressured Thomas on judicial decisions. Thomas has responded to criticisms of the millions in freebies he has taken from Crow by saying he didn't think he had to reveal these, but will going forward.

TWITTER: Ana Rodriguez, mother of a Uvalde shooting victim, was forcibly removed from Flores Elementary by a chickenshit cop who didn't do squat to stop the shooter from picking off children for hours.

Shew as trying to get her other child out of school for a walk-out protest.

ADVOCATE: Carlos Guillermo Smith, the Orlando Dem who became the state's first out gay Latino politician to hold office, is making a run for Florida's senate.

OUT: Russian TikTok stars have been arrested, and one faces deportation, for promoting LGBTQ issues and awareness. And kissing.

EXTRATV: RIP to S Club 7's Paul Cattermole. He was just 46. He is in the striped shirt here: