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Apr 18 2023
William Levy's Aged Beef + Stop The Steal Grifter Ali Alexander Caught Soliciting Young Boys + George Santos Running For Re-Election + Martin Duberman Reaches 90 + MORE! — 12-PACK Comments (0)

ABOVE: My kink is Hugh O'Brian.

BELOW: Keep reading for random shootings, gay history, aged beef and more ...

William-levy-ass-butt-booty-nude-boycultureHe's just a Bill ... (Images via video stills)

OMG.BLOG!: I've always liked William Levy, and he looks great older. As does his butt.

ROLLING STONE: Stop the Steal grifter Ali Alexander, now known as Sammy Davis Junior-Chaser in my mind, has been exposed as requesting and receiving nudes from minor boys and young men. I will say this again: THERE IS NO ROOM FOR RIGHT-WING GAYS IN THE LGBTQ+ COMMUNITY. I understand we all have differing views, even on controversial issues. We can disagree passionately. But if you're casting your lot with the GOP — or worse, if the GOP is too lefty-liberal for ya — you are of no use to any queer people, period. These people are malevolent to the core. If any good comes of us known Ali Alexander's name, I hope it will be to further stigmatize being (secretly) gay and right-wing, and/or that he will make good on his threat to reveal alleged crimes committed by Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-Georgia).

NY1: Great news — a third suspect, Jayqwan Hamilton, 34, of Brooklyn, has been collared in connection with the murders of two gay men who were drugged, robbed and dumped after they died, both in Manhattan and after hanging out at gay bars. He joins Robert Demaio, 34, of Brooklyn and Jacob Barroso, 30, of Manhattan in the clink. They are going to go to prison for most of their lives, and the rest of their youth. P.S. Two more suspects, Andrew Butts, 28, and Shane Hoskins, no age given, were previously arrested on less serious charges.

MARTIN-DUBERMAN-reaching-ninety-gay-boycultureOne review calls it “kvetchy” — which is enticing! (Image via Chicago Review Press)

WASHINGTON BLADE: Esteemed gay historian Martin Duberman is 93, and just published the memoir Reaching Ninety. One provocative sentence in his new Q&A:

The LGBTQ community, like a lot of the country, is conservative.

I think this is true, in that we (not necessarily me, but some of these apply at various times) want to watch our shows and buy nice things and eat out and vacation so we can fill our Instagrams and don't want to be bothered by beggars or by people asking us to consider gender constructs. It's also worth noting that two of the biggest gay-rights victories we fought for and won (for now) were aspects of the traditional — marriage and military service. Interesting to ponder, and probably why some older gay men freak out over the word “queer”; not because it's a slur — the excuse often given — but because it's too radical.

Josh-lafazan-democrat-boycultureJosh Lafazan is going to beat George Santos in New York. P.S. Santos mocked HIS looks. (Image via Twitter)

NY1: This cunt thinks she can run and win again.

Manspread-gay-boycultureOpen arms. And legs. (Image by Kenneth Walsh/video still)

KENNETH IN THE (212): Guess who's manspreading? (Okay, you won't guess, but it's still hot.)

TWITTER: Margaret Atwood is sticking up for trans people, and, er, gender-critical types are under-his-eyeing her to death over it:

CBS MORNINGS: Sixteen-year-old Ralph Yarl, shot twice by an 84-year-old homeowner when he went to the wrong address while seeking to pick up his twin siblings, received a phone call from President Biden:

Ralph Lester, the alleged shooter, has been charged with assault in the first degree and armed criminal action. Though Clay County Prosecuting Attorney Zachary Thompson concedes there was a racial component to the case, no hate-crime charges are coming. Why? Because a hate crime in Missouri is LESS of a big deal, and would constitute double jeopardy. Attempted murder is also not on the table. I hope this old fuck dies in prison in misery.

NYP: Meanwhile, a laborer who lived in what looks like some kind of fancy, outdoorsy, serial-killer abode, walked onto his porch and shot at a car that accidentally pulled into his driveway in upstate New York. One of his two bullets killed a harmless 2o-year-old, and her friends had to (1) witness this, (2) drive around in vein in the middle of Buttfuck, New York, with no cell service in hopes of saving her, (3) be at her side as she was pronounced dead over NOTHING.

INSTAGRAM (FOLLOWS ALWAYS APPRECIATED): John James had killer tan lines.

HUFF POST: Sen. Dianne Feinstein (R-California) has been absent from the Senate Judiciary Committee while battling shingles (at least), so Dems want her to resign. After all, she seems pretty objectively addled, in spite of a long, illustrious career. Her presence on the committee is stalling judicial confirmations. However, if she quits, Republicans on the committee — even the moderates — have gone on record saying they will refuse to vote to allow her to be replaced. Just garbage people, all of them.

TWITTER: Chris Meloni's butt will fire your ass!