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Apr 05 2023
Leto's 51-Year-Old Nips Look Collegiate + Omarosa Drags Trump + N.C. Dem Switches Parties, Deserves Eternal Misery + OnlyFans Booms + MORE! — 12-PACK Comments (0)

ABOVE: I'm not sure if it's the shirt.

BELOW: Keep reading for Jared Leto's thirst trap, Trump's trap-trap, Florida vs. all gender care, a North Carolina backstabber and more ...

Jared-leto-shirtless-boycultureHis body has changed at his whim so many times. (Image via Instagram)

INSTAGRAM: Jared Leto is 51.

JUST JARED: Oh, Lukas — way too fast!!! Lukas Gage and Chris Appleton are reportedly already engaged. They've only been dating since maybe January.

Time-donald-trump-boycutlureGotcha! (Image via Time)

TIME: Trump's history-making indictment has produced a memorable Time cover, not one likely to be framed in his cell. Er, office!

Part 2: Omarosa is a terrible person, someone who sold her soul to the GOP and then lost that soul when she was forced out. But she's not stupid, and she knows Trump well. And, well, it's fun to hear her correctly assess Arrestmas Day:

POLITICO: Florida bans all gender-affirming care for kids. (P.S. How many full surgeries do you think are done on kids? Answer: It doesn't happen. There are a handful of cases related to one 14-year-old and a couple of 15-year-olds. Jazz Jennings had hers at 17. This law is to remove even chemical assistance, and will likely lead to more suicides.)

TMZ: We owe a debt of gratitude to country singer Kelsea Ballerini. All she did was simply perform with four drag queen on an awards show — this has been common for years, if not decades, but by taking it to the CMT Music Awards in Nashville at this moment in time was brave. A true ally. Now, she's getting backlash, because SUDDENLY, the right wing has decided drag is sexual and repulsive. I hate this timeline we are in.

HUFF POST: Elon Fucking Musk now calls NPR state-run media.

ONLYFANS: OnlyFans, the U.K.-based site that — oh, c'mon, you know what it is — has logged 5.7 BILLION visits in just the last six months alone. We are on track for a POTUS we have seen clapping his or her cheeks.

NBC NEWS: Bob Lee, founder of CashApp, was found stabbed to death in San Francisco. No motive, no arrests.

Tricia-cotham-boycultureThis traitorous fucking bitch switched parties FIVE MONTHS after winning her election. (Image via official head shot)

DAILYKOS: North Carolina Dem. state Rep. Tricia Cotham is switching to the GOP (in 2023?!), and will hand Republicans a 3/5 majority in the state senate. That means they can put forth new abortion restrictions and other ugly initiatives, and can override the Dem governor's vetoes. This smells like a recipe for bringing out a massive Democratic vote in 2024. But also, fuck this miserable woman.

TWITTER: CONGRATS to Brandon Johnson, who overcame long odds (and it ended up close!) to become the new mayor of Chicago. I sure with NYC could get off its ass and elect the right mayor.

YOUTUBE: Daniel Kelly lost his bid to become another right-winger on the Wisconsin Supreme Court, but instead of conceding graciously, he (1) refused to call the victor, Janet Protasiewicz and (2) blasted the victor in a bitter speech:

YOUTUBE: At Variety's Power of Women event, Judy Blume — yes, THE Judy Blume — gave a speech about how Gov. Ron DeSantis (R) and other powermongers are destroying liberty, comparing him and others to the censors who materialized in 1980 following Reagan's unfortunate win: