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May 12 2023
Anderson Cooper Defends Platforming MAGA + WE'RE AGAINST LGBT — Erdogan + Bear-Naked Dad + Michael Musto's Party Life + MORE! — 12-PACK Comments (0)

ABOVE: They call him Bruce!

BELOW: Keep reading for a bear-naked dad, Jordan Neely's killer charged, Anderson Cooper's smug dressing down of the unwashed masses and more ...

Nude-bogdan-ciubuciu-nudity-shirtless-boycultureBear/naked (Image via video still)

OMG.BLOG!: Nude dad alert!

NOLA: Louisiana has passed its own Don't Say Gay law — where is big business?!

WSJ: Linda Yaccarino — a full-on MAGA media mover and shaker — will be Twitter's new CEO. Charming.

Gay-underwear-shirtless-trevor-rupich-boyculture-pnvPardon me, are those Bugle Boy Jeans you have off? (Image via PNV Magazine)

KENNETH IN THE (212): The week in LGBTQ+ mags.

THE GUARDIAN: “We're against LGBT,” Erdogan flatly states ahead of Turkish elections.

TWITTER: Anderson Cooper scolded Democrats for being offended that Donald Trump was platformed by CNN, saying we are living in silos if we don't hear from all sides. It's such bullshit. Anderson just wants to keep his job.

NBC NEWS: Daniel Perry, Jordan Neely's killer, will be charged with second-degree manslaughter for choking the mentally ill, homeless street performer to death after Neely reportedly frightened passengers on a subway train. I have always been exceedingly nervous around confrontational scenes on public transit, and I do not blame anyone for being scared by a person yelling and gesticulating in such a confined space. There is something about that kind of interaction that feels extra-unhinged. However, call me old-fashioned, but I don't think you should choke someone to death or do anything to them to death over scary yelling.

TWITTER: Oh, yeah, but Biden's too old. P.S. I see Trump's Village People obsession as a demented clinging-on to his '70s heyday.

JTA: Gov. Ron DeSantis's Florida rejects Holocaust-education books. TOO WOKE, FOLKS!

NPR: The FDA is relaxing blood-donation rules for gay and bi men. It will still ask risk-based questions.

HUFF POST: Rep. George Santos (R-New York) has signed a deal to avoid prosecution in Brazil over bad checks.

W MAGAZINE: Michael Musto writes his own this is living! obituary for W, framing it using all the fabulous parties he has attended, thrown, been thrown out of. This is a very entertaining read.

Musto IMG_2037 copyJerry Springer, Lisa Lampanelli, Musto, Luann de Lesseps & Larry Storch at a 2011 Musto bash (Image by Matthew Rettenmund)