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May 17 2023
2 Nude Dudes + Meme Star: I'M BI + DeSantis Backed 2 Losers + North Carolina GOP Forces Abortion Law + Boebert To Be 36-Year-Old Single Granny + MORE! — 12-PACK Comments (0)

Gay-bi-trans-lgbt-boycultureIf only it were so easy. (Image via Facebook)

ABOVE: I fear most will ignore it, gays will continue to be anti-trans and anti-bi, trans will continue to be anti-gay, and we'll wind up gutting each other before we even get to the straight haters.

BELOW: Keep reading for a bisexual meme star, DeSantis's double loss, two nude dudes and more ...

Renata-sorrah-bisexual-meme-boycultureBisexuality is more clear-cut than this image implies. (Image via meme)

EXTRA: Renata Sorrah, the Brazilian actress whose confused expressed has become one of the world's most recognized and used memes, came out as bisexual this week at age 76.

Boyculture-gay-Pullen-Nude-2cNYT: Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis thinks he can be POTUS, but he certainly has no shirttails — he endorsed in the Kentucky Republican primary (why?) and in the Jacksonville, Florida, mayoral race ... and both of his candidates lost. In fact, the win by  Democrat Donna Deegan was a shocker. The city has voted GOP for decades.

NYT: Kaitlan Collins, the whiffed at the Trump town hall for CNN ... has been promoted. She'll be CNN's 9 p.m. anchor! This waste of space who a few years ago was bitching about George Soros for The Daily fuckin' Caller. CNN is long gone.

REUTERS: North Carolina's right-wing Republican legislature overrode the state's Democratic governor's veto, passing an anti-abortion law that means women can't have the procedure past 12 weeks — when many wouldn't know they were pregnant. It's a deeply unpopular move, and I will bet you anything right now North Carolina goes blue in 2024.

OMG.BLOG!: Two nude dudes for the price of none. (Free.)

COLORADO SUN: Rep. Lauren Boebert (R-Colorado) will soon be a 36-year-old single grandmother — her teen son got a girl pregnant (it happens, but we can only imagine the at-home messaging that led to it) and she's getting divorced from her convicted-flasher, corrupt husband, who dated her when she was underage. GOP family values boil down to: I AIN'T TRASH, YOU ARE!

INSTAGRAM: When friends keep asking me to travel to see Madonna on tour.

INSTAGRAM: Remembering eternally hot (he died at 61) Bill Paxton. Or, if you prefer men known for their mustache rides ... here.

TWITTER: Elon Musk is a soulless monster — does anyone care? Here, he pretends a white supremacist killer wasn't a white supremacist. He never stood up and pointed out when that mass killer pretended to be non-binary as a trolling technique, but he's all in on conspiracy theories that protect NAZIS. Also loathes George Soros.

METRO WEEKLY: Coming to theaters June 2 and digital/DVD June 6 is The Neighbor, a gay-themed film by director Pasquale Marrazzo:

BBC: New scans reveal the wreck of the Titanic in shockingly intimate detail. Researchers can pore over these and see shoes and other personal possessions on the ocean floor.

NATIONAL QUEER THEATER: An Evening with L Morgan Lee, a night of Broadway classics and new songs interpreted by the A Strange Loop breakout star, is happening May 26 at 8 p.m. at the Newman Mills Theater at the Robert W. Wilson MCC Theater Space.

L-morgan-lee-trans-theater-boyculture(Image via MCC Theater)