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May 11 2023
Window Poppin' + Trump Steamrolls CNN + DeSantis Loses His Temper + Feinstein Returns + RIP Jacklyn Zeman + Beyoncé's Tour Opens + MORE! — 12-PACK Comments (0)

ABOVE: I would like to book a beach holiday to Australia. In the 1980s.

BELOW: Keep reading for a famous showoff, Trump's CNN debacle, DeSantis losing his cool, queer library, Beyoncé's tour opener and more ...

Federico-cola-shirtless-boycultureWindow popping (Image via video still)

SOCIALITE LIFE: Federico Cola may make you fizz.

Unsafe-words-queer-boyculture-gayThe consensuous verse (Image via Q+)

YAHOO! LIFE: “Excerpts from the Gayest, Queerest, Most Lesbionic Page-Turners for Your Pride Season Reading Delight.”

NBC NEWS: There's been a slight uptick in mpox cases in Chicago among gay and bi men, even fully vaccinated guys, just as the WHO has declared it is no longer a global emergency.

ROLLING STONE: A CNN insider says Wednesday night's town hall with Trump was “1000% a mistake,” reports that everyone at CNN is demoralized. Trump lied, lied, lied some more, and insulted moderator Kaitlan Collins, led the audience in a chorus of jeers for sexual assault victim E. Jean Carroll. The U.S. is in trouble if this is the GOP candidate.

YOUTUBE: Ron DeSantis ain't much better.

KENNETH IN THE (212): A manspread to remember.

ABC NEWS: Sen. Dianne Feinstein (D-California), 89, has returned to her Senate duties after several months spent recuperating from shingles, which can be excruciating. In her comeback, she looked severely deteriorated and was in a wheelchair, but told reporters she felt “much better.”


GR8ERDAYS: RIP to Jacklyn Zeman, 70. Zeman was a General Hospital staple for nearly 5o years, having signed on to play bad-girl nurse Bobbie in 1977. Bobbie's character arc was legendary, and took her from schemer to dreamer, grieving mom and three-dimensional character beloved by viewers. There is no word on what caused her death just two months after her birthday, but it seems to have been a surprise.


Classic Bobbie / Jacklyn Zeman GENERAL HOSPITAL Ad RIP Jackie Zeman

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YAHOO! NEWS: Gay neurosurgeon Devon Hoover's autopsy reveals he was brutally murdered — seemingly executed — before being hidden in a crawlspace in his home.

TWITTER (FOLLOW ME HERE): Donald Trump pitched as good-looking and a catch 33 years ago is ... a painful memory.

BILLBOARD: Beyoncé's tour looks incredible! Some have pointed out similarities to Kylie and Madonna, but as I posted on IG, everything is inspired by something else — it ain't stealing. 

INSTAGRAM: Elliot Page shares some trans joy.