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May 31 2023
Biden Honors Pride + Morgan Spector Shows Off His Abs + Madonna Songs Galore + James Van Der Beek Is The Scott Baio Of Ricky Schroders + MORE! — 12-PACK Comments (0)

ABOVE: Still time to get that summer body — or maybe not.

BELOW: Hot abs on that guy, Biden's LGBTQI+ Month proclamation and more ...

Morgan spector abs-shirtlessGilded ribcage (Image via selfie)

MY NEW PLAID PANTS: Morgan Spector is an acclaimed actor, and acting like a whole whore up in here. Versatility!

WHITE HOUSE: Tbe Biden/Harris Administration has released a proclaimation on LGBTQI+ Pride 2023 in which President Biden praises queer activism:

LGBTQI+ Americans are defiantly and unapologetically proud.  Youth leaders are organizing walkouts at high schools and colleges across the country to protest discriminatory laws.  LGBTQI+ young people and their parents are demonstrating unimaginable courage by testifying in State capitols in defense of their basic rights.

INSTAGRAM: The tragic tale of Errol Flynn's drop-dead gorgeous son.

Boyculture Night of a Thousand Judys 2023 - PosterThere's only 1,000 Judy Garlands. (Image by Anja Slibar/Daniel Nolen)

PUBLIC THEATER: Here comes the annual Night of a Thousand Judys! (June 12)

NBC NEWS: You know what I think is the only logical thing to do about signs like these.

INSTAGRAM: Snippets sound good, art is on-point — Sam Smith x Madonna's “Vulgar” could be a winner. June 9. And if not, we have a new single with Abel Tesfaye aka The Weeknd on (checks notes) June 2!

James-van-der-beek-boycultureTWITTER: James Van Der Beek turns out to be a nutty anti-vaxxer who is apparently all in for RFK, and is bashing Biden and his intellect, etc. What a farce. I'm old enough to remember when he was fucking his TV dad. Then got married and had as many kids as it took to forget, lol.

RED EYE: Nadya Ginsburg is bringing her Trauma Queen show to NYC on June 17.

HILL REPORTER: Maybe not all women. Believe a lot of them.

NEW YORKER: Inside Steven Klein's $$$ monograph.

EXTRATV: The woman having a baby with 83-year-old Al Pacino comes from a family just shy of billionaire status and has been linked to Mick Jagger and Clint Eastwood. Henry Kissinger, your turn is coming!

INSTAGRAM: It may seem petty to harp on how bad Melissa McCarthy's Ursula makeup is in The Little Mermaid, but ... it really is that bad. The film (I paid to see it) is sweet and mostly great; I loved Halle Bailey and the actors, it's quite beautiful (if too dark) and I felt the updates were smart and not obnoxiously try-hard. I disliked the rendering of Ariel's sea pals because they were distressingly literal. Like ... a crab. I think it should have been cartoons mixed with live action. But regardless, the most shockingly wrong aspect was Ursula's look. Now, Dave Woodman — who worked on the ORIGINAL Ursula — has chimed in: