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May 15 2023
Gay Wilton Manors: NO DRAG AT PRIDE + DeSantis Makes It Legal For Docs To Deny Care + Colton Underwood Marries + Moms Against Liberty + MORE! — 12-PACK Comments (0)

Joel-mchale-nude-boyculture(Image via Instagram)

ABOVE: No idea why Joel McHale took this photo, but happy to have it.

BELOW: Keep reading for wimpy Wilton Manors, how Ron DeSantis has made Florida a fascist state, Colton Underwood's I dos and more ...

Wilton-manors-gay-boycultureJOE.MY.GOD.: Gay-as-hell Wilton Manors, Florida, will have NO drag performances at Pride this year, bending to Gov. Ron DeSantis's unconstitutional ban on drag, and his likening of drag to sex shows. Disgraceful.

WFLA: Gov. Ron DeSantis's Florida is also now a play where EMTs and doctors can deny care to LGBTQ people (and it works on any other group, too) based on BUHLIEFS.

WAPO: And speaking of Ron DeSantis's Florida, the state's universities are now barred from pushing for diversity and inclusion in any way, and restricted in how they may teach about race.

JOE.MY.GOD.: North Carolina wants to ban public drag shows. If these people are so fucking concerned about kids, where is their concern about kids being taken by parents to R-rated movies, as just one example?

EXTRATV: Colton Underwood is already married. Engaged to a woman 2 years ago, broke up, stalked her, had a coming-out reality show, got engaged to a man, is now married to a man. What could go wrong? All he was missing was Cher officiating.

RAW STORY: Pretend Biden-family informant disappears.

REUTERS: Erdogan didn't win an outright majority in Turkey's election, so a runoff will now occur. Raise your hand if you think even THIS outcome is bullshit. He was behind in every poll.

TWITTER: Taylor Swift's new BF accused of being a Nazi. Others say he was being cheeky. But yeah, unfortunate factoids about Matty Healy.

TWITTER: New Stevie Nicks dates!

TWITTER: This bitch calls for hand-to-hand combat with (checks notes) mermaids.

TWITTER: Newsflash — Moms for Liberty have ZERO to due with liberty, or responsible motherhood. This was in Tennessee, so it's nice to see parents spoke out:

AMAZON: Coming soon from Band Fags author Frank Anthony Polito is another Domestic Partners in Crime Mystery, called Rehearsed to Death. The book is avail for pre-sale now, and comes out May 23.

Polito-rehearsed-death-boycultureMurder, they wrote (Image via Kensington Cozies)