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May 03 2023
Mexican Singer's Full-Frontal Snaps + Putin Fakes Drone Attack? + White Straphangers In NYC Choke Black Man To Death + Rock Hall: George Michael Is In! + MORE! — 6-PACK Comments (0)

ABOVE: Florida GOPer says terrorists hate homosexuals more than we do. (How much more? Throw-you-off-a-building-but-still-hate-your-asses more?!)

BELOW: Keep reading for a naked Mexican singer, Putin's latest false flag and more ...

Boyculture-nude-male-naked-07No enhancement needed! (Image via OMG.Blog!)

OMG.BLOG!: Mexican singer beefs up and flashes the goods.

HUFF POST: Will Putin use this obviously fake drone attack on the Kremlin as a reason to escalate with Ukraine? He has false flags in his DNA.

NPR: Writers Guild of America votes to strike — late-night TV first to fall.

NYP: A bunch of white subway riders in NYC were uneasy when a Black man went on an aggressive rant. So two guys held him down while one of them choked him to death. And the quote is “mixed feelings.” Deadly force in this case is not justified. I would expect the blond guy to get charged with murder.

ROCK HALL: Interestingly enough, the nominees for inclusion in the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame are out, and they do NOT include the artists who ranked #2-#5 in fan voting. (Fan voting bestows an extra point to the winner, in this case George Michael). Great picks, though I'm surprised Sheryl Crow scoots in ahead of Warren Zevon and Cyndi Lauper:

Rock hall boycultureThis was the Spinners' 11 millionth try! (Image via Rock & Roll Hall of Fame)

EXTRATV: I don't love Gwyneth Paltrow, but she is useful in that she'll tell you what it was like having sex with Brad Pitt vs. with Ben Affleck.