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May 02 2023
Han Solo & Luke Skywalker Get Naked + Miles Heizer To Play Gay Marine + MONSTER Takes On The Menendez Brothers + MORE! — 12-PACK Comments (0)

ABOVE: These guys must have taken a LOT of photos together over the years! Great IG concept.

BELOW: Keep reading for a new series about a gay marine, Menendez Brothers ready for their close-up, Han & Luke naked and more ...

Miles-heizer-gay-shirtless-boycultureCorps work (Image via Instagram)

TVLINE: Miles Heizer will be playing a gay Marine in a new Netflix series, The Corps, which is set in 1990. Bonus: Heizer, 28, is actually gay.

FACEBOOK: Publisher Sulzberger's non-answer when confronted about negative trans coverage in the supposedly liberal New York Times.

DEADLINE: Season 2 of Monster will be about the Menendez Brothers.

Star-wars-nude-boyculture-shirtlessHan Duo (Image by Martin Führer)

PATREON: Martin Führer's illustrations are far more than doodles. (IG here.)

DEADLINE: Matthew Lawrence, 43, has come forth with stories of sexual harassment, including a very specific tale of being sent to an Oscar-winning director's hotel room, being asked to strip nude for Polaroids and promised a Marvel lead if he did it:

DEADLINE: J. Harrison Ghee of Some Like It Hot and Alex Newell become the first two non-binary Tony nominees in history. Via statement, Ghee said:

I'm thrilled! It has been a fantastic journey to portray Jerry/Daphne, and I've been overwhelmed — in a good way — to see how audiences have received these characters. I'm thankful to every member of this production for creating such an affirming space where I get to show the complexity of this human and go on a beautiful ride every time the curtains go up. I'm grateful to the committee for recognizing this work. It's a moment I will cherish forever.

Some Like It Hot led the Tony nominations with 13.

TMZ: Trans TikToker explains transitioning to KISS rocker Paul Stanley, who is under the impression that it's a fad, and that children are having SRS.

TWITTER: Rep. Zooey Zephyr, a Montana Democrat who was robbed of her voice by Republicans in power, was able to take a seat outside the chamber after a day when several old bags deliberately parked on the only bench in order to inconvenience her. One of the battle-axes was apparently the mother of the Speaker who led the charge to punish her. (She was punished for saying if you are anti-trans rights, you have blood on your hands.) This is a person who was duly elected.

KENNETH IN THE (212): Tennis hotness.

Tennis-boycultureTry these on for thighs! (Image via video still)

EXTRATV: Cher is single at 76 — she and her much younger BF are dunzo.

PINK NEWS: Woman sues gay male nudist resort for denying her a booking.

GR8ERDAYS: The best-ever dance re-creation of Dirty Dancing:

Dirty-dancing-jennifer-grey-patrick-swayze-recreation-boyculture-gr8erdaysDancer from the Dancing (Images via video still)