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May 10 2023
Joshua Jackson Reveals DAWSON'S Crack + Trump Liable In Sexual Assault Case + GEORGE SANTOS ARRESTED! + Dolly Parton Chose Kid Rock ... WHY? + MORE! — 12-PACK Comments (0)

ABOVE: Male blonding.

BELOW: Keep reading for Santos arrested, Trump liable, Dolly Parton disappoints by tapping Kid Rock and more ...

Joshua-jackson-underwear-boycultureNo tightie-white guilt (Image via video still)

OMG.BLOG!: Joshua Jackson shows off his Dawson's crack in Fatal Attraction!

Something-something didn't age well something-something (Image via Twitter)

HUFF POST: Rep. George Santos (R-New York), after months of glibly parading around D.C. as if he were somehow untouchable in spite of being a proven liar, has been charged with 13 counts of fraud and lying to Congress. On Wednesday, he was arrested. This bitch is going to do prison time.


VICE: Also, this bitch allegedly stole campaign funds to buy designer clothes. Werk-release.

NBC NEWS: ... oh, yeah, a former POTUS was found liable in the sexual assault of a woman and for defaming her, and must pay her $5M. And his party is still 100% behind him being the nominee in 2024.

Dolly-parton-boycultureShe looks the Parton. (Image via Dolly Records)

TWITTER: I like Dolly Parton, too. I don't listen to her music much, but she's always been someone I have thought was cool and supremely talented. Still, I find it off-putting that so many LGBTQ fans are wetting their pants over her announcement of a new album — Rockstar, cynically capitalizing on her much-deserved, at-first-rejected inclusion in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame — in spite of her calculated decision to include a duet with Kid Rock.

Kid Rock is the most anti-LGBTQ artist out there, among other undesirable traits.

I'm not saying Dolly (or anyone) should not work with Republicans, but Kid Rock is not the late Loretta Lynn or Reba McEntire. This was a decision that did not need to happen. As I have tweeted, the likes of Madonna or Janet would be torched if they worked with Kid Rock (Janet felt the need to apologize in 2004 for working with Beenie Man) — so why not at least criticize Dolly? It should be okay to criticize even a likable, popular figure without tossing them out entirely. But I'm betting that the people who say they're disappointed in Dolly will get more hate than Dolly ever gets for deciding to include Kid Rock.

It's not about discarding our allies, but we should be able to express disappointment when they fuck up, as seems to be very easy for us to do with Madonna (Dr. Stella), Janet (Beenie Man), Gaga (R. Kelly), etc.

GR8ERDAYS: Frankie Goes to Hollywood reunited for the first time in 36 years and performed exactly one song — so of course the song was ... Welcome to the Pleasuredome?! Interesting choice. (But Holly sounded gooood.) Also, a biopic of the band is in the works, and it's based on Holly Johnson's memoir.

JURNALUL DE SATU MARE: Romanian bodybuilder Sergiu Sabou dies suddenly at 35.

SPOTIFY: Pre-save Ricky Asch's “Like a Star,” a cover of the 2005 Corinne Bailey Rae tune, which sounds like this:

THE GUARDIAN: In Prince Harry's case against The Mirror in the U.K., testimony reveals then-editor Piers Morgan knew that phone-hacking was used in reporting on Harry and others. I continue to be amazed that Morgan still has a job and is well-liked by anyone. He is a reprehensible, talentless asshole.

Harpy-daniels-boycultureThey're proud to serve cunt! Also, they're proud to serve, cunt! (Images via NewsNation)

NEWSNATION: Harpy Daniels opens up on being used in Navy recruitment materials, which has roiled the right:

Anybody who's served their country and put on that uniform has taken that oath just like me, so I don't necessarily hurt by any hate or negativity. I simply just pay it no mind and it will, eventually the truth will come out. And what is right is what is right and what is wrong is what is wrong. But that's not for me to determine. My job is to just continue doing what I'm doing. And if being an openly queer sailor and showing representation for the LGBTQ+ community, a community that simply has not had the opportunity to shine as bright.

The interview comes from NewsNation | On Balance with Leland Vittert.

TWITTER: Montana Rep. Zooey Zephyr, her state's first out trans legislator — who was recently forced to do her job from outside the statehouse, in a GOP move to punish her for her outspoken views — is visiting NYC.

54 BELOW: Robert Bannon's Pride Playlist is a concert coming up at 54 Below that is up your alley if you're reading this. He will celebrate queer divas like Whitney Houston and Elton John ahead of his summer album release, Rewind, which has a TV theme song mashup (yes, there is Golden Girls representation) and also a 10-song Barry Manilow medley. Robert's show is June 2 at 9:30 p.m., tickets here.

Robert-Bannon-boycultureGet Robbed! (Image via Skollar PR)