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Jun 16 2023
Hairy Daddy + Luke Evans & Billy Porter In OUR SON + Giuliani Uses Female Pseudonym + Debbie Gibson Comeback? + BARBIE Posters Galore + MORE! — 12-PACK Comments (0)

ABOVE: I have a funny feeling Drew Tarver had it in his contract that he wanted to show his butt, and wanted to show it while stepping up. Because — I mean (!!!).

BELOW: Keep reading for hairy daddy, Luke Evans & Billy Porter as daddies, Giuliani pretends to be a mami and more ...

Shirtless-underarms-boyculture-brewster-mccall-gayMcCall about Yves (Image via Instagram)

Our-son-billy-porter-luke-evans-boycultureINSTAGRAM: Brewster McCall demonstrates how to gay bait while gay.

PINK NEWS: Study finds ALL major social media platforms are failing to protect LGBTQ+ people.

HUFF POST: Luke Evans appears in the film Our Son, and it contains his first queer role in a movie. Getting good reviews!

RAW STORY: Rudy Giuliani claims a whistleblower who said Biden was corrupt has mysteeeeriously died. Except. Nobody's ever heard of this phantom who died.

TPM: Rudy Giuliani used a female alias in emails about overturning the 2020 election. Helen. As in Helen A. Handbasket?

Keep in mind, Rudy is a drag queen:

Having seen the above clip of Giuliani crossdressing a million times, I always go back to — what did this lady think:

Drag-trump-giuliani-boyculture-gayWhere is she today?! (Image via video still)

ABC NEWS: Biden pressures Ticketmaster and others to end junk fees.

Debbie-gibson-gr8erdaysElectric oldth! (Image via

GR8ERDAYS: OMG — Debbie Gibson is making a comeback with a disco gem called “Love Don't Care.” And if she successfully hits the charts, she's seven years OLDER than Tina Turner was back when she came back with “What's Love Go to Do with It in 1984!

TOMMY BOY RECORDS: Brand-spankin'-new remixes of Amber's all-time classique “This Is Your Night.” (Please do “Above the Clouds” and “Sexual” next!)

Barbie-posters-boycultureRyan's underarms are Ken-worthy. (Image via Warner Bros.)

TWITTER: Pits and tits for the new Barbie (French) posters.

YOUTUBE: As a timeline cleanser, try this sappy gay love song:

POLITICAL FLARE: Is Rep. Lauren Boebert (R-Colorado) ... broke?

TICKETS: Broadway and concert stahhhh Daniel Reichard is coming to Birdland! Get tickets now.

Boyculture Daniel Reichard - Photo by Ted ElyDamn, Daniel! (Image by Ted Ely)