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Jun 01 2023
Broadway Bares Virgin + Americans Support LGBTQ+ Rights More Than Ever + Kim Cattrall Back To SEX & THE CITY Universe + Bud Light Supports LGBTQ Biz Owners Of Color + MORE GOOD LGBTQ NEWS! — 12-PACK Comments (0)

ABOVE: A reminder to never try to match wits with a drag queen — happy Pride!

Gay-pulps-boyculture.svgWhat haters SAY it'll be like vs. what gay boys THINK it'll be like vs. what it IS like (Images via covers)

BELOW: Keep reading for nothing but positivity ...

INSTAGRAM: Actual gay men are just as hot as straight men — happy Pride!

The one above, Alex Zarlengo, is making his Broadway Bares debut this year, so feel free to support the hell out of him.

And his pal Alex Ringler, also gay, also hot, is generously driving his followers over to support Alex.

Glaad-boycultureSure could use a little good news to-gayyyy ... (Image via GLAAD)

GLAAD: According to a new GLAAD survey, a record number of non-LGBTQ Americans believes that LGBTQ people deserve equal rights — happy Pride!

Baume-gay-book-boycultureCue Archie Bunker's: OH, JEEZ! (Image via Smart Pop)

AMAZON: Matt Baume's Hi Honey, I'm Homo! — all about queer TV moments — is here, is queer ... happy Pride!

DAILY BEAST: Marianne Williamson — who once said AIDS and all sickness were illusory, and who is reportedly running her 2024 presidential campaign in such a way that she demeans her staff, will NEVER BE PRESIDENT — happy Pride!

HUFF POST: Trump WILL be indicted on a federal level for stealing classified documents — happy Pride!

Logan-brown-pregnant-trans-glamour-uk-boycultureI'm sure this will be received warmly. (Image via Glamour U.K.)

GLAMOUR U.K.: Cheers to a trans man who is pregnant and proud — happy Pride!

OMG.BLOG!: Orville Peck does Trixie Mattel's makeup — happy Pride!

EXTRATV: Queer actor Tyler Posey and queer singer Phem are engaged — happy Pride!

VARIETY: Kim Cattrall will appear on the Season 2 finale of And Just Like That ... in a phone-call-only scene shot March 22 with no real-life interaction between herself, the creator or any of the rest of the cast — happy Pride!

ADVOCATE: Beleaguered Bud Light is pledging $200K to help (checks notes) LGBTQ+ business owners of color — happy Pride!

LINKS: Cher's It's a Man's World album is on vinyl for the first time ever on July 14, along with a new director's cut (what was the first one?) of her “Walking in Memphis” music video, out now — happy Pride!

TWITTER: Madonna will split your banana — happy Pride!