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Jun 28 2023
Madonna Secretly Severely Ill For Days, In ICU — Now Out & Recovering Comments (0)

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It's hard for me to express how Madonna has touched my life, so I'll just post what I posted on social media (below), where the vast majority of my followers are at least casual fans.

But it's fucking scary to read that she was found unresponsive and had to be intubated, if only for a day. Then to imagine she was lying in an ICU over Pride weekend battling a bacterial infection ... it boggles the mind.

She is reportedly out of the ICU and recovering.

Obviously, her long-awaited, from-all-signs balls-to-the-wall Celebration Tour had to be pushed back. She had reportedly been putting in 12-hour days working toward perfecting it. I am hoping she will be able to tour once she recuperates, but intubation fucks with your ability to sing and having a life-threatening infection truly drags the body down. I don't expect she will be kicking off the tour soon, and let's face it — her career isn't paramount.

Here's hoping for the best for Madonna to recover and be well and be happy.

Kathy's got her back:

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