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Jun 14 2023
Man Allegedly Demands Proof Of 9YO Shot-Putter's Gender + Garth Brooks: Ally + Trump Is Done + Lesbian Shot Dead Following Anti-Queer Slur + A Taste Of (A Different) Matt + MORE! — 12-PACK Comments (0)

Burn-gay-shirtless-magazine-boycultureHow is this 23 years ago?! (Image via Burn!)

ABOVE: Anyone remember all those homoerotic workout mags of the '90s and '00s?!

BELOW: Keep reading for a foul shot-put spectator who demands to see proof of gender, Trump's cooked goose, Elon Musk, Jimmy Somerville and more ...

Josef-tesar-boyculture(Image via social media)

KELOWNA NOW: A Czech-Canadian man stands accused of verbal assault after he angrily demanded a 9-year-old girl's genitals be checked for participating in a shot-putting meet. He denies it. However, his comment that he did nothing wrong and that the school principal agrees is suspect, as he is banned from further events.

NBC NEWS: Garth Brooks continues to be an exemplary ally.

CNN: “People Who Are Gay, Lesbian or Bi Have More Mental Health and Substance Abuse Problems, Survey Finds.” My rewrite:

People Who Are Oppressed by a Society That Makes Them Feel Less Than at Every Turn Are Affected by That

CNN: No, Trump was NOT allowed to keep his own records — let alone top secret documents — after his Administration ended. Says who? The National Archives. Oops, he could face MORE charges in New Jersey!

Akira-ross-boycultureNYT: Mayor Eric Adams is owned by cops, anti-Black (and he IS BLACK) and all-around awful at his job.

INDEPENDENT: Akira Ross, a Black lesbian who got into an argument with a white man at a Texas gas station, was shot and killed by the man, who first shouted an anti-gay slur at her. That was the last thing she heard before being executed. I hope Bradley Jacob Stanford, the alleged killer, is behind bars for life. Shit stain.

TWITTER: Elon Musk not so subtly calls for the U.S. to be violently overthrown.

MOTHER JONES: To the surprise of absolutely nobody, the No Labels party, with which Sens. Kyrsten Sinema (D-Arizona) and Joe Manchin (D-West Virginia) have openly flirted, is rooted in MAGA.

SOCIALITE LIFE: Is The Idol torture porn? Are people forgetting it's just acting?

OMG.BLOG!: A Taste of Matt? I'll take a few.

BUZZFEED: Some are mad Lady Gaga is a spox for Big Pharma but, like, if you have diseases and disorders, medicine does werk!

JIMMY SOMERVILLE: There's a ton of new Jimmy Somerville merch and Read My Lips reissues to benefit ACT-UP.

Jimmy-somerville-music-read-my-lips-boycultureEnough is enough is (never) enough! (Image via ACT-UP)