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Jul 03 2023
ZAYN's Pit Stop + 42nd Anniversary Of RARE CANCER SEEN IN 41 HOMOSEXUALS + Lil Nas X Tossed A Pussy + RIP Minnie Bruce Pratt + MORE — 12-PACK Comments (0)

ABOVE: The good old gays.

BELOW: Keep reading for a chilling anniversary, ZAYN's pit, tennis buns, a new A League of Their Own book and more ...

Zayn-armpit-boycultureFrom every direction (Image via video still)

TWITTER: ZAYN wants you to pre-save his armpit. I mean, his new music.

Tennis-butt-boycultureYou missed one. (Image via Instagram)

KENNETH IN THE (212): Tennis meat.

ONLYFANS: Check out my $9.99/month OnlyFans. It's asstastic. (And shot by me, but not OF me, gah.)

INSTAGRAM: Keith Milkie ... for the win.

Aids-1981-gay-hiv-lawrence-k-altman-nyt-boycultureThe author of this piece, Lawrence K. Altman, is alive at 86. (Image via NYT)

NYT: Forty-two years ago, a terrible first warning (for many) that a new challenge was emerging — the specter of AIDS.

VARIETY: I am not militant about gay actors in gay roles (I am about trans actors in trans roles, and race-appropriate casting), but mainly because opportunities have gone up for gay actors. But let's not pretend there is a totally level playing field, and why is Stanley Tucci chiming in? It's not really his place. Anyway, I'm rarely miffed when a straight actor plays gay, even if I think your argument — IT'S ACTEEEN! — is moronic.

AP: The man named in that SCOTUS case that led to a decision in favor of anti-LGBTQ discrimination ... never requested a gay website be made by the plaintiff, had no idea he was cited in the case and .. is not even gay.

EXTRATV: Lil Nas X is the latest performer to deal with something being toss onto his stage. In Sweden, he received a ... sex toy.

Eric-carlson-boyculture-a leaugeWhat is, at a key moment in the game, my uniform bursts open and, UH, OOPS — my bosoms come flying out? (Image via Hachette)

INSTAGRAM (FOLLOWS ALWAYS APPRECIATED): A new history of A League of Their Own is coming: No Crying in Baseball drops in September.

FACEBOOK: Celebrating 10 years since Steve Grand broke through with “All-American Boy.” I remember the major entertainment sites pitched him as the first gay country singer, which pissed people off. Then he pissed people off by being annoyed he was tricked into showing VPL for a gay magazine before plunging happily into willingly showing VPL (there is a big difference). Now, after lots of live performances and music releases, Steve is basking in the success of his Grand Axis underwear and swimwear brand.

TWITTER: Yiatin Chu, one of the loudest activists AGAINST Affirmative Action — she's Asian and believes better-suited Asians were kept out of schools in order to accommodate Black students — is thrilled she helped with the latest right-wing SCOTUS win. And yet, she's bitching that we need more education in schools about Asian history. Hello, you're against race-based considerations, so we'll just go on teaching white-people history, honey. (Does she really think her new GOP pals give a FUCK about Asian ANYTHING?)

INSTAGRAM: RIP to tireless LGBTQ activist Minnie Bruce Pratt, who has died at 76. In her 1990 book Crimes Against Nature, she describes losing custody of her children for being a lesbian, and created the first LGBTQ Studies program at Syracuse U. She had been wed from 2011-2014 to the late, great trans warrior Leslie Feinberg (1949-2014).

Minnie-bruce-pratt-boyculturePratt also wrote the memoir S/he. (Image via Sinister Wisdom)