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Jul 14 2023
Beyoncé's White Fans, Prepare To Be Ashamed Comments (0)

Beyonce-gay-boycultureLike, hellooo! (Image via video still)

Look, no one, no icon, not even Beyoncé, is above criticism, and you're entitled to like all, part or none of any show you attend. But this guy is beyond annoying in his every-sentence-is-a-question?, whiny way, starting with complaining that she came on at 8:45 for a 7 show (TOTALLY STANDARD) and had no opening acts (TOTALLY STANDARD FOR ALL MAJOR ARTISTS).

He identifies several songs as niche, and honestly, why is a fan bitching about an artist performing deep cuts? You're not her fucking manager. Why are you pushing for commercial hits?

I think he could be in love with his own voice, and that is a fan club of one ...

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