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Jul 12 2023
Emmy Noms (2 For Murray Bartlett!) + Dem Defector + Dog The Homophobe + Straight Shame + Gays Drooling Over Comments (0)

Tab-hunter-nureyev-bulge-boyculture-gayThis shot of Tab & Nureyev suggests fun times were had by all. (Image via Pinterest)

ABOVE: Tab Hunter, one of the silver screen's most perfect-looking creatures, would have turned 92 this week. More here.

Will-sharpe-unknown-the-white-lotus-2022-2x02-v0-kyf8ebjmglz91Keep reading for the Emmy noms ... (GIF via GIPHY)

BELOW: Keep reading for Emmy noms, another Dem defector, Dog the Homophobe and more ...

Tumblr_46701cfd3bf1f0c207df542935e00bbc_57cb54b3_540Do you ... like to watch? (GIF via GIPHY)

EXTRATV: Complete list of Emmy nominees.

Emmy-nominees-boyculture-2023Some of my favorite nominated performances. (Images via studios)

DAILY BEST: Box-of-sin-music-boycultureVile Rep. Mesha Manor of Georgia, a Democrat elected in a Democratic district, switched to the GOP over (checks notes) SCHOOL CHOICE, which she sees as a moral obligation.

DISCO DISCHARGE: Ladies, it's called a Box of Sin.

NBC NEWS: There have been, so far, seven out gay leaders who served as heads of state ... can you name the countries?!

DAILY BEAST: Even Dog the Bounty Hunter's own daughter knows the anti-gay doofus is trash. His LGBTQ daughter Lyssa sez:

You all know I’m a daddy’s girl and I love my father. However, this crosses a line. I was not raised by this man, he was not this way until recently.

GR8ERDAYS: Aretha Franklin's handwritten will, stuffed into her couch cushions, ruled valid.

NBC NEWS: After more than 50 years behind bars, 73-year-old former Manson Family member Leslie Van Houten has been paroled.

CNN: Milan Kundera, author of The Unbearable Lightness of Being, has died at 94.

YOUTUBE: H.I.M. by Anthony Bawn comes out on VOD August 8 from Breaking Glass:

There's no denying that it's all about him Damien. After experiencing his first encounter with heartbreak Damien dives into the chaotic world of college life. Damien stumbles around campus like the other lost freshmen doing his best to keep his eyes glued to his books and off of shirtless jocks, frat-boys, and handsome intellectuals. But Damien's level of discipline may prove to be no match for the ways of a manipulative college senior who threatens to establish a degrading reputation for the freshmen. Damien's cousin Kendall begins his own journey of self-discovery. Kendall not only reconnects with himself, but with a love from his past - a cute church boy. It's a forbidden love that may require Kendall turning his back on the person who has aided him in keeping his sexuality secret from friends, family, and their church for years - his mother.

GLOBAL NEWS: Alberta's premier caught posing for a photo with a dude in a STRAIGHT PRIDE tee.

TWITTER: Gays are thirsting over ... Mark Zuckerberg.

YOUTUBE: Starting a film-fest run is Egghead & Twinkie, an indie feature about a pair of sidekicks on a queer, coming-of-age road trip: