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Jul 22 2023
STUDIO ONE FOREVER Fever + He Came Out At 90, Just Got Married + Hungary & Spain So Right They're Wrong + MORE! — 6-PACK Comments (0)

ABOVE: I love this guy. I liked Barbie. I need to see Oppenheimer.

BELOW: Keep reading for a gay doc or two, Andrew Ridgeley on George Michael's sexuality and more ...

Natalie-garcia-studio-one-gay-boycultureThe good old gays. (Image courtesy of Natalie Garcia)

Ken-felts-boycultureTHE QUEER REVIEW: A rave for the new documentary Studio One Forever.

NPR: Ken Felts came out a couple of years ago at 90 — and now he's a married gay man.

HUFF POST: Viktor Orban of Hungary has renewed his seethingly anti-LGBTQ rhetoric. Spain is careening into fascism (or not). Europe is fucked. We all are?

HOLLY JOHNSON: Holly Johnson is celebrating the 35th anniversary of his solo album Blast with a raft of merch.

NYT: Yoko Ono has left the Dakota.

YOUTUBE: Andrew Ridgeley appeared on Loose Women recently to plug the Wham! doc, and talked a bit about having to keep George Michael's sexuality secret for so long: