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Jul 24 2023
Ross Lynch, Front & Back + Cheapskate Elon Musk + Gay Serial Killer, Gay Molester — It's Not ALL Good News + Jason Aldean Denied No. 1 + MORE! — 12-PACK Comments (0)

ABOVE: He's doing beach.

BELOW: More beach ...

ROSS LYNCH ASS BUTT BOOTLY SUNTAN lotion bulge gayAustin's back alley (Images via TikTok)

COCKTAILS & COCKTALK: Ross Lynch, front 'n' back! And there's video.

P.S. Ross also looks good in more clothes:

Ross lynch back boycultureTry THIS in a small town. (Image via TikTok/video still)

Herbert-baumeister-boycultureTWITTER: California State. Sen Scott Weiner, an out gay man, has strong ideas on how to revive San Francisco.

YAHOO! NEWS: Herbert Baumeister (pictured) as a rich Republican business man, married dad, who murdered some 20 men and boys. Dead himself, his body count continues to rise — as his estate provides more human DNA.

BOING BOING: Cole Wagner, an anti-abortion wiz kid in Alabama ... was arrested for molesting a youngster. I guess that's a good reason to be against aborting them in Republicanland.

BBC: Meet a rare male soprano.

BILLBOARD: Jung Kook and Latto hit #1 on the Billboard Hot 100 — barely fending off racist-as-fuck Jason Aldean.

CNN: Gavin Newsom continues to be great.

TWITTER: The new Twitter logo, er, X logo is an X that appears to have been purchased for 30 bucks.

FOX NEWS: Winston Marshall of Mumford & Sons is off the list.

HUFF POST: Israel slips into authoritarianism. Can't make this shit up.

VARIETY: Oppenheimer (DEATHLY DULL) and Barbie (strangely cerebral) both overperformed their already overperforming initial B.O. projections.

TWITTER (IRONICALLY): A brief history of Elon Musk's obsession with X. (Keep in mind, I have lived with my character X from Boy Culture for 30 years, so I like Xes. But to destroy Twitter over it?!) Twitter -> X = haphazard and confusing.

X-elon-boycultureHe is ... off. (Image via, again, Twitter)