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Jul 04 2023
Twink Power + J.D. Doyle's Cross-Country Gay Culture Trip + Zuckerberg Comes For Twitter + Self-Hating Gays Shocked Ron DeSantis Agrees With Them On That + MORE! — 12-PACK Comments (0)

Wilson-cruz-boycultureWilson Cruz always has the best nipple selfies. (Image via Instagram)

ABOVE: Happy 4th — free, gay and happy!

BELOW: Keep reading for a demon twink (in the best way), J.D. Doyle's gay road trip and more ...

Kaden-connors-shirtless-hot-boyculture-gayAmerican twinko (Image via Instagram)

KENNETH IN THE (212): Kaden Connors might give you ED. But not for the usual reasons.

GAYETY: Welcome out, Lauv.

Jd-doyle-gay-boycultureThe ultimate in cruising (Image via Qmh Press)

AMAZON: J.D. Doyle turns in 1981: My Gay American Road Trip, which documents a trip he took across 27 states to explore gay culture. It all went down right before AIDS made so many gay men vanish, making it all the more essential a document.

APPLE STORE: Here comes Threads, Mark Zuckerberg's attempt to destroy Twitter.

FORBES: Journalist Elena Milashina, who reported on gay murders by the Chechens, has brutally attacked, had her head shaved and was covered in blue dye by unIDed assailants in masks.

TWITTER: DeSantis campaign releases a ridiculously anti-LGBTQ, anti-drag, pro-serial killer (American Psycho used admiringly!) attack ad to try to drag Trump:

Right-wing LGBTQs are shocked — SHOCKED — that (checks notes) Ron DeSantis has been anti-queer all along!

ABC NEWS: Mass shooting in Philadelphia that no one is even talking about.

YAHOO! ENTERTAINMENT: TCM's chief programmer was reinstated after outcry over his firing.

OREGON PUBLIC BROADCASTING: Gay rodeos and what they represent.

AOL: Stephanie Grisham, who oughta know, claims she witnessed Trump showing off classified docs at Mar-a-Lago.

INSTAGRAM: RIP Paul Justman, who directed the seminal '80s music videos “Muscles” and “Angel Is a Centerfold.”

VARIETY: Conrad Ricamora would be satisfied only playing gay roles.

Tumblr_099ddc75f21347d87b55f2aca4e95dcb_50b632bf_540Unlike Stanley Tucci, Conrad would play gay — forever. (GIF via GIPHY)