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Jul 21 2023
F.L.Y. Guys + Meet Miss Subways! + Queer BARBIE Talk + Jack Schlossberg On EMBARRASSMENT Of RFK Jr. + Sex Party — You're Invited + MORE! — 12-PACK Comments (0)

ABOVE: Jockstrap, because you deserve it.

BELOW: Gay romance, a trans voice, hot guys and — of course — more Barbie ...

Fly-gay-movie-boycultureA modern Priscilla, Queen of the Desert love story! (Image via video still)

GREG IN HOLLYWOOD: F.L.Y. hits Outfest!

NY1: Bernie Wagenblast is a voice-over veteran, the voice of the NYC subway system and a trans woman who has had to find her own new speaking voice while maintaining the bread-winning voice with which she's been so affiliated over the years. Great piece introducing a person many of us hear all the time, but never previously visualized.

SOCIALITE LIFE: Ricky Martin's twins surprise Papi.

INSTAGRAM: Robin Williams remembered on his birth anniversary.

PARADE: Is Allan, um, gay in Barbie?

Gay-magazines-boycultureThe library is open! (Images via HotSpots! & Between the Lines)

KENNETH IN THE (212): LGBTQ mags of the moment.

OMG.BLOG!: Worst song ever. WTF?

Fuck-you-from-the-heartFor Lucy Dacus of Boygenius (GIF via GIPHY)

DAZED: One of the artists on President Obama's summer playlist branded him a “war criminal.”

PEOPLE: Jack Schlossberg slams Uncle RFK Jr. as an “embarrassment.”

JUST JARED: The Bear's Jeremy Allen White has great tits.

Michael-boston-nude-butt-boycultureMichael Boston is among the Adonis headliners. (Image via Adonis Lounge)

EMAIL: [email protected]: Adonis Lounge in L.A. has a nude party featuring a bevy of bottoms and a ton of tops.

RED EYE: A Fire Island debut for one of my favorite plays!

Boyculture gay Buyer and Cellar - Fire Island 2023Jack Bartholet and friend (Image via Arts Project of Cherry Grove)