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Jul 31 2023
Anthony Mackie's Gay Bar + Trump's Comeuppance + Anti-Gay Bigot Won't Paint For Queers + Hard-Driving Model + Lady Gaga Mourns Tony Bennett + MORE! — 12-PACK Comments (0)

Michael-biehn-boycultureFrom The Martyrdom of St. Sebastian in 1984 (Image via handout)

ABOVE & BELOW: Michael Biehn is 67 today and still 69able. MORE HERE.

BELOW: Keep reading for Anthony Mackie's gay bar, Trump's comeuppance, a hard-driving male model and more ...

Marvin-gaye-anthony-mackie-v0hegfplb0nw9r29(GIF via GIPHY)

ALL HIP HOP: Anthony Mackie says a gay bar he owns in New Orleans is the crown jewel of his properties ... anyone know which establishment it is?!

HUFF POST: Is Trump about to be charged with election interference in Georgia after 2.5 long years? Sure looks it.

TIMES OF ISRAEL: Islamic promoter of chastity and virtue in Iran sacked over — wait for it — unverified gay-sex vid.

OUT: If you're refusing to paint someone's home because they're gay, it's not a religious issue, you're just a fucking bigot.

POLITICO: Republicans care more about what a woman chooses to do with her body than about national security. 

Male-model-shirtless-boycultureNailing it! (Image via video still)

SOCIALITE LIFE: Male Model Monday.

INSTAGRAM: Lady Gaga breaks her silence about the loss of Tony Bennett, announces new jazz dates in Vegas.

NYT: Elon Musk's Twitter (he calls it X) is threatening to sue a nonprofit that monitors hate speech. Yes, really.

GR8ERDAYS: But seriously, how does Donna Mills look so great at 82? People try to reduce it to surgery, but while she's clearly had amazing work, most people can't hold it together quite as well as she has. Better yet, she's down to earth about it, and has a life outside of her appearance.

EXTRATV: Madonna thanks her kids and other supporters for helping her get through what seems to have been a near-death experience.

OMG.BLOG!: Jamie Lee Curtis defends her trans daughter Ruby. I find this all so interesting that this has come full-circle, because while it isn't something that could be written about in, er, polite tabloids at the time, back in the '80s, a persistent rumor was that Jamie Lee was born intersex. Like, everyone talked about this, and did so as a slam, calling her a “hermaphrodite.” It is nice JLC did not become defensive and unaccepting of her daughter.

TWITTER: Max should option this for a series: