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Jul 02 2023
The AIDS Crisis Was Getting LARRRGERRR — A Historical Appearance On DONAHUE By Stephen Stucker Comments (0)

Stephen-stucker-airplane-boycultureJimmy, Jimmy (Image via video still)

The great Stephen Stucker of Airplane! fame (“There's a sale at Penneys!”) appeared on Donahue in a segment shot in September 1985 on which he discussed having full-blown AIDS.

Stucker was one of the only Hollywood figured who went public with his condition, and while he was hardly representative of the average person with HIV — he was a jester by nature and seemed to be on the verge of denialism, doing whatever it took to get from day to day — his appearance is, IMO, historically important.

He died the following April.

Today, Stucker would be turning 76.

Keep reading for the fascinating segment:

@boyculturedotcom Stephen Stucker, in a "Donahue" segment taped 9/85, laughs in the face of AIDS — he had survived it for years by then. The "Airplane!" actor died in 4/86. Historically important video. He would be turning 76 on 7/2/23. #stephenstucker #airplane! #movies #aids #hiv #hivaids #donahue #gay #lgbt🌈 ♬ original sound - Matthew Rettenmund/BoyCulture