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Aug 05 2023
O'Shae: Justice On The Way + RIP Carmen Xtravaganza + DNA Cover Reveal (Literally) + Andrew Garfield Does Beach + MORE! — 12-PACK Comments (0)

ABOVE: John Saxon was born on this day. He was a great actor, and a piece of ass for the ages. Dad, king, destroy me, etc.

BELOW: Justice on the way for O'Shae, RIP Carmen Xtravaganza and more ...

Dna-speedo-gay-shirtless-boycultureThe stripes are whoreizontal. (Image via DNA)

DNA: The new issue of DNA is here, and its model is — as always — in barely-there gear. Thankfully.

Carmen-xtravaganza-paris-is-burning-voice-boyculture-obituary[set to national anthem] That voice is still therrrre ... (Image via video still)

INSTAGRAM: Paris Is Burning icon Carmen Xtravaganza has died at 62.

HUFF POST: If Trump wins in 2024 — presuming he lives and is the nominee — the United States is OVER.

DALLAS VOICE: Yes, SCOTUS can and likely will overturn Obergefell.

JUST JARED: Andrew Garfield on a yacht... without many clothes.

TWITTER: Utter lunatic, shirtless and barefoot but with an AR-15, is caught on camera sneaking up to a house in a residential area in Indiana and tearing down its Pride flag. What was his plan if he had been caught and confronted?

NBC NEWS: Arrest made in the stabbing death of Black gay man O'Shae Sibley, 28, who was assaulted after vogueing at a Coney Island gas station.  The suspect, 17, turned himself in. He is charged with murder as a hate crime.

ART NET: David Hockney painted Harry Styles.

PEOPLE: Yes, Lizzo was surprised by that career-threatening lawsuit.

Fred-astaire-vintage-original-boycultureOriginal Fred (Image via vintage photo)

FACEBOOK: I'm ticked off when I see aggressively altered past images. I just think we are heading into a nonreality, in which people are using fake or near-fake imagery to bolster beliefs that are not true. Yes, pop culture seems a minor thing to play with, but it isn't — it is a gateway. And anyway, why shouldn't we know what Fred Astaire ACTUALLY looked like in 1911? Instead, these people at Colouring the Past have not only added color to a 1911 photo (which people are reacting to as if it's reality), they ... removed his sister, placed the chair closer to him and removed part of its design, added an entire backdrop, COMPLETELY altered the cut of his suit and placement of its buttons (why?), doubled the size of his handkerchief, filled in his hair and made his cheeks fuller. Bizarre.

TETCNY: This is the kind of obituary you hope to have when you die.

GR8ERDAYS: Sharon Farrell, best known for It's Alive and as a longtime actress on The Young and the Restless, has died at 82. She died in May, but someone in her family apparently decided against announcing it.