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Aug 24 2023
John Waters Goes Legit At Academy Museum + Mug Shots Galore + Helen Roperpalooza + Is Sara Ramirez Even Acting As Che? + Lauren Pazienza Cops A Plea In Barbara Gustern's Death + MORE — 12-PACK Comments (0)

ABOVE: Paul Mescal and Andrew Scott apparently get VERY into it sexually in All of Us Strangers.

BELOW: Keep reading for mug shots galore, Helen Roperpalooza and more ...

John-waters-boycultureThere's a signing! (Image via Academy Museum)

THR: John Waters fancies himself a patron saint of the ugly and untalented in a fab new Q&A with Seth Abramovitch upon the occasion of the Academy Museum in L.A. honoring him with a retrospective of his work:

I’d just like to have the lowest person that comes to Hollywood — that’s ugly and wants to be a movie star or untalented and wants to be a director — and have them walk over my star and feel a little bit of hope. That’s what it’s for.

Buy the catalogue here!

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AP: “Bottoms Is a Gonza Gay High School Comedy That Comes Out on Top.”

IMG_4680No, I'm not a size queen, but I got eyes, queen (full pic at link below) (Image via selfie)

OMG.BLOG!: Speaking of tops.

LAVENDER: Make way for the Gay Softball World Series!

POLITICO: Lauri Carleton, killed over her Pride flag, expressed defiance to a friend before her death, vowing NEVER to remove it.

TWITTER: Ricky Asch will PAY YOU to pre-save his Bring Me Back song on Spotify ahead of its September 1 release. Don't delay:

PEOPLE: Mug shots of all those indicted by Fani Willis in Georgia. Trump is happening soon — along with his weight. Fani wants an October trial.

Meanwhile, batshit-crazy Trumpers are beginning to fake their own  mug shots to stand with the Georgia accused:

Amy-kremer-georgia-boyculture-trumpSome thought the fake pic on the left was real! (Images via Twitter/movie still)

NYT: The juicy story of the Wildenstein inheritance case that could destroy an art dynasty. Yes, THAT Wildenstein family, just not THAT Wildenstein. The entire criminal enterprise is jaw-dropping.

Giphy-downsized-mediumI wish Audra Lindley were alive to enjoy her icon status. (GIF via GIPHY)

NYT: Everyone sent me this Helen Roper story, so I refused to post it. But it's great, so here.

US WEEKLY: Sara Ramirez sounds as unironically exhausted as Che. See, non-binary people can be assholes — it's okay to hate Che, it's just not okay to hate Che (or Sara) simply for being non-binary.

AOL: This vile, vile, vile bitch Lauren Pazienza, a Long Island heiress whose friends all said she was a crazy nightmare, took a plea deal in the death of innocent 87-year-old acting coach Barbara Gustern in NYC last years. She's been in prison for a year and will be sentenced to eight plus five years of post-prison supervision. I hope her life is utterly miserable and she never knows a moment of peace or joy. Why? Because hers was such an egregious crime. She didn't snap during an argument, she didn't make a mistake, she ran across a street and deliberately shoved a woman so hard she later died. One of the last things Barbara heard was, “BITCH!” from a total stranger.

WASHINGTON BLADE: A potentially mentally ill woman stabbed two outside a gay bar in D.C.